09/15/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Obama Nation An Abomination

Its not that Swiftboat author and political hack, Jerome Corsi, doesn't have the right to publish any kind of book he cares to, no matter how false, biased, or slanted his allegations about Presidential candidate Barack Obama turn out to be. Free Speech must be allowed. What makes this drivel so disgraceful is its incorporation into the right wing media talking points to assassinate Obama's character. No amount of money raised by Obama's campaign to get their message out is sufficient to dispel rhetoric repeated on radio constantly by the Limbaughs and Hannitys; pedaling rumors and outright falsehoods like mantras planted in the sub-consciousness of their listeners. Huffpo's Jason Linkins gives insight on the ultra right's racists embrace of Corsi. TV news outlets are only slightly less guilty of spreading this literary manure.

Corsi's New York Times bestseller status is mentioned like some imprimatur to the book's veracity rather than introducing his book as the right wing tactic, Swiftboating. Even the NYT rates the book as a Best Seller with a dart, meaning that since many of the sales are bulk purchases, usually done to boost the numbers artificially, don't trust it's status as a best seller. This is only the latest example of MSM making a mockery of news reportage. The national media CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, television news channels, cable giants CNN, MSNBC, and Fox, major urban newspapers like The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, magazine publications like Time and Newsweek failed as The Fourth Estate contesting, investigating, reporting, and countering the Executive Branch run up to the war on Iraq, and even worse, were cheerleaders for it. Bill Moyers special on PBS, the only TV station offering any unbiased coverage, makes the case for the sellout in Buying the War .

Even now, after tens of thousands of American military deaths and casualties, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi dead and wounded, and domestic economic paralysis as a result of draining the Treasury to fund the NEOCON's invasion, the MSM is mute. Corporate ownership of media outlets is in large part the cause of the retreat from true journalism. Their profit motives necessitate succumbing in knee jerk compliance with the Republican controlled Government of the Bush years. The right wing's use of the MSM to dupe the American public into enduring eight years of a bloodless coup de etat using a right wing rigged Supreme Court to give the air of legality, waging war on a country based on cooked intelligence, Executive Branch manipulation of and collusion with that same MSM to accomplish the conflation of Al Qaeda and Iraq; ignoring Congressional legislation rubber stamping deregulation of corporate business practices that have led to the train wreck our economy now resembles, cannot be excused.

Even as the Iraq related Executive crimes have been exposed , there is little MSM support for Congressional inquiries to set the record straight; no mea culpas emanate from newsrooms and journalists in the MSM. Even the 2006 Congressional Elections, which signaled the publics' awakening to the problem, failed to elicit a turnaround in the MSM's bias toward the Bush administration's agenda. Media continually carps on the publics' perception of a do nothing Congress without adequately explaining the tactics employed by the remaining Republican obstructionists' contribution to legislative gridlock and the inability of the razor thin Democratic majority to pass legislation to remedy administration abuses. Democrats in Congress went along with the Carte Blanche policy given Bush to prosecute his military adventures in 2001 out of fears that they would be perceived as weak and even unpatriotic; fears not unfounded based on the flap Presidential nominee Barack Obama endured in the media for failing to wear a flag pin or the media obsession with Michelle Obama's patriotism on the heals of her "not really proud" comment while ignoring McCain's "not loving America" declaration he had repeated on many occasions? MSM bias in favor of McCain is well documented.

On television, only Keith Olbermann , in limited distribution through cable outlets, is constantly vigilant to confront the obvious lies and distortion our media allows from right wing zealots. Progressive radio hosts like Ray Taliaferro , Amy Goodman , Rachel Maddow and others on stations like NPR and Air America, try to raise public consciousness regarding emerging events, but the sheer volume of propaganda outpourings parroting constantly updated talking points, and MSM complicity in its dissemination, are formidable. The only hope for the public to reassert their rights to get the truth from a free press is to vote with their remotes to tune out the farce the news shows have become. Stations like CSPAN need to be aired on public TV and not limited to the cable stations.

Candidates' public records on character issues is fair game for the MSM and instead of a daily horse race atmosphere their polling reportage fosters, they should focus more time on uncovering the candidates flaws were present, and diligently dispelling the falsehoods, exposing political disinformation campaigns as anti-American, robbing voters of the right to make a fair decision on voting day. Propaganda is used in countries controlled by dictatorships we abhor like Cuba, North Korea, and China. American MSM are quick to expose the disparity between their public disinformation and their factual circumstances.

Contributions to the truth from comedians like Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert and to a lesser extent late night talk show hosts Letterman, Leno, O'Brien, and Kimmel reprise the court jester roles of past monarchies, lampooning the follies of the illegal Government propaganda machinery. In humor, comedians distill the implications of ill-conceived and anti-democratic policies that lead to manipulation of laws and state agencies to the benefit of the few. Ultimately, the American people are to blame, and if the voters of America don't rise en masse this November and restore a two party system to power, we will see a future of increased government interference and control over our lives.