The Hybrid vs. the Hummer Redux

07/26/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The election wasn't going to be close. Hollywood and the Main Stream Media were stacked against her and Arnold had his repeal of the automobile registration fee increase to entice voters to tag along in his bid to unseat Gray Davis in the 2003 recall election. Though her internet video "The Hybrid versus the Hummer" achieved the goal of introducing Arianna Huffington to the bloggosphere's power, it wasn't enough to overcome the advantages Schwarzenegger had as the Republican Party standard bearer in a two party system that looks upon Third Party candidates as an election period curiosity. Shortly after announcing her candidacy, Arianna opted out of the contest and fought the Davis recall. Despite the women who came forward to claim he had fondled or sexually harassed them, and quotes of his admiring Adolph Hitler, Schwarzenegger prevailed.

Arnold, fresh from his landslide victory, assumed office in Sacramento and began his quest to implement the Republican game plan of reshaping the political landscape to suit the needs of the Corporatists and well heeled at the expense of those less fortunate. His only problem was that as a neophyte to the real world of politics, he ran smack into a Democratic controlled state legislature that was determined to prevent him from running roughshod over them, and before long Arnold was forced to pander to Fabian Nunez and the Democrats to get anything accomplished at all. With the stinging defeat of his special election in 2005 wherein he pushed for propositions on gerrymandering, union busting, teacher tenure changes, and budget slashing, Arnold was chastened, going so far as to select Democrat Susan Kennedy as his chief of staff and even going Green on the hydrogen highway promise.

How ironic that the poster boy for gas guzzling, status seeking, wealth wasting, sizeable SUVs, most frequently driven by solo drivers who's idea of going off road is to pull into their driveway, morphed into a psuedo-democratic, Green governor just in time to see gas near 5 dollars a gallon and its effects rippling through the economy. He did it to fool the electorate in the 2006 election and, faced with a politically weak opponent in Phil Angelides, he succeeded in retaining his office. Tacking back to the right as evidenced by his support for McCain and his attempt to slash needed social programs rather than cut the fat from corporations tax loopholes, Arnold is likely to agree to offshore drilling and nuclear plants soon.

Five years ago, Arianna Huffington was trying to get us out of the wasteful consumption mindset we Americans have, and now that our pocketbooks are tattered and the Bush Administration's ineptitude is universally acknowledged, we are searching for answers to our energy needs. In the ensuing five years, Arianna has created The Huffington Post which recently received the Webby Award as the best political website, and has written constantly on the important issues we face as victims of the Bush years. At last the MSM has decided to occasionally expose her wisdom and the Huffpo political perspective to the rest of the country, which normally gets only snippets of real political news.

The country has been dumbed down on the reality of the magnitude of the Republican's bloodless coup, endless corruption, deception, and revolving door relationship between government and corporations, resulting in the current bankrupt condition of our nation. Bombarded with Joan Benet Ramsey types of heart wrenching murders and trials requiring little prior knowledge, additional fact checking, or research to elicit visceral emotional reactions that television thrives on, the American viewing public is being jerked awake suddenly by the dire economic conditions we face. Finally the message trumpeted by Progressives for the past eight years is finding resonance in the public forum, especially here in California. The most prolific voice amongst them is that of Arianna Huffington, speaking up on the most important issues of the day.

Hillary Clinton showed that a woman can inspire enough support to be a viable candidate for the nation's highest office and were it not for her poorly run campaign she would have been the Democratic nominee. She won the California Democratic Primary over the eventual presumptive nominee. With this in mind, I would hope that Arianna would consider entering the 2010 California Gubernatorial race as a Democrat this time and bring her message of Progressive change. West coast Progressives have awakened the California constituency to enough truth to give her a real opportunity to help this state emerge from the Schwarzeneggar snow job to a reaffirmation of our innovative nature. We have two years to build a movement that can educate voters about the need for radical new thinking and bring this state back to the forefront of innovation.

California has enough sun to push solar power to the forefront, enough shoreline to develop wave energy, and enough mountain passes to generate tremendous wind energy. All we lack is the vision of our leadership to break from the race toward nuclear energy as an easy answer to our current reliance on foreign oil sources. I want my kids and grandkids growing not glowing! It's ironic how we've gone from hating the French so much that we renamed our potatoes freedom fries to awarding Nuclear energy contracts to Areva, a French government owned company to build and operate our future nuclear plants. America is being sold a deadly false safety story that intends to morph nuclear energy into a green solution instead of a substance with a deadly half-life capable of killing our great grandchildren's great grandchildren.

As a blogger on Huffpo, I read her posts. The list of Hollywood luminaries who supported her as an independent last time and who would support her candidacy even more as a Democrat makes Arnold's crowd look like a bunch of B movie rejects. Arianna Huffington is the perfect candidate to jumpstart the California Progressive movement into a national machine capable of winning the White House by 2016. Since we are the same age, I know she will be only 65 eight years from now. It is time to start a Draft Arianna for Governor movement and I want to be a supporter!