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Paul Brandeis Raushenbush
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Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush is the Executive Editor Of Global Spirituality and Religion for the Huffington Post. From 2003-2011, Raushenbush was the Associate Dean of Religious Life and the Chapel at Princeton University. He was the President of the Association Of College and University Religious Affairs (ACURA) from 2009-20011. An ordained American Baptist minister, Rev. Raushenbush speaks and preaches at colleges, churches and institutes around the country including The Chautauqua Institute, the Center for American Progress, the New America Foundation and the Aspen Institute. Raushenbush is regularly invited to offer commentary on issues of religion and society on national television and radio. His current focus is on the interplay between religion and the internet. His first book, Teen Spirit: One World, Many Faiths (HCI) was released in the Fall of 2004. He is the editor of the 100th Anniversary edition of Walter Rauschenbusch's book, Christianity and the Social Crisis – In the 21st Century (HarperOne). He was the Co-Director of the Program on Religion, Diplomacy and International Relations at The Liechtenstein Institute on Self Determination at Princeton University.

Entries by Paul Brandeis Raushenbush

America's Crisis of Interfaith

(19) Comments | Posted October 5, 2015 | 1:42 PM

Two weeks ago I was privileged to report on a multi-faith gathering that included 500 religious leaders who welcomed Pope Francis to the 9/11 Memorial Museum. The service was entitled "A Witness for Peace" and began with an embrace between an Imam and a Rabbi who offered an...

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The Deep Roots Of Mormon Feminism: An All Together Conversation With Joanna Brooks

(0) Comments | Posted October 2, 2015 | 1:54 PM

Mormons from around the world will tune in to the 185 General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint happening on October 3rd and 4th, 2015.

Over the past year, three of the senior leadership of the LDS church died and at this meeting their replacements...

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Hearing Echoes Of The Past, Jews Are On The Front Line Of The European Refugee Crisis

(0) Comments | Posted October 1, 2015 | 1:24 PM

Heartbreaking images of men, women and children risking everything for a better life continue to dominate the news as well over 500,000 migrants and refugees have entered the European Union in the first eight months of this year alone.

In the face of such a serious humanitarian crisis, it...

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Pope Offers Classic Sunday Sermon To Move The Faithful On Last Day In U.S.

(3) Comments | Posted September 27, 2015 | 2:42 PM

PHILADELPHIA -- Pope Francis celebrated a final Mass with hundreds of thousands of joyful Catholics assembled on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, offering a classic Sunday sermon-style address to stir the enthusiasm of the faithful.

On the last night of his six-day visit to the United States, the pope urged the...

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El discurso del papa en el Congreso de EEUU demuestra a qué tradición religiosa pertenece

(3) Comments | Posted September 26, 2015 | 9:57 AM

En su intenso discurso del jueves por la mañana en el Congreso de los Estados Unidos, el papa Francisco dejó que su autoridad moral hablara en nombre de la compasión por la inmigración, en nombre de la urgencia por el cuidado de la Tierra y en nombre del diálogo y...

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David Gregory Bares His Soul -- And It's Beautiful (All Together Podcast)

(0) Comments | Posted September 25, 2015 | 1:43 PM

What do you truly believe? How do you define your religious and cultural identity. Who would you be if everything you thought defined you was stripped away? How’s is your faith?

 These are the questions David Gregory has been wrestling for decades and he begins to answer in his new...

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Pope Francis Brings Message Of Peace And Healing To 9/11 Memorial

(0) Comments | Posted September 24, 2015 | 5:00 PM

Pope Francis made an emotional visit Friday to ground zero in lower Manhattan, where he paused to offer...

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Pope's Powerful Speech to Congress Shows in Which Religious Tradition He Really Stands

(269) Comments | Posted September 24, 2015 | 11:53 AM

Pope Francis, in a powerful speech to the U.S. Congress Thursday morning, used his moral authority to speak out for compassion in regards to immigration, urgency in regards to care for the earth, and dialogue and peace when it comes to foreign affairs and interfaith relations. He condemned the military...

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El peregrinaje del papa por América con los más necesitados

(6) Comments | Posted September 23, 2015 | 8:51 PM

Al papa Francisco le espera una larga semana por delante después de aterrizar en Washington D.C.

Luego de ser recibido en el aeropuerto por el presidente Obama, daría un discurso muy esperado en el Congreso de EE. UU, seguido de otro en la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas en...

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El peregrinaje del papa por América con los más necesitados

(1) Comments | Posted September 23, 2015 | 1:24 AM

Al papa Francisco le espera una larga semana por delante cuando aterrice en Washington D.C.
Será recibido en el aeropuerto por el presidente Obama, después dará un discurso muy esperado en el Congreso de EEUU, seguido de otro en la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas en la ciudad...

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Il pellegrinaggio americano di Papa Francesco in compagnia degli "ultimi"

(0) Comments | Posted September 22, 2015 | 6:23 AM

Quella che Papa Francesco si ritroverà davanti, appena arrivato a Washington, D.C., sarà una settimana impegnativa.

Verrà accolto all'aeroporto dal Presidente Obama, terrà un discorso molto atteso al Congresso americano, seguito da un altro all'Assemblea generale delle Nazioni unite a New York, per concludere a Philadelphia con...

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Pope Francis' Pilgrimage Through America With the 'Least of These'

(112) Comments | Posted September 21, 2015 | 8:51 AM

Pope Francis has a big week in front of him when he touches down in Washington D.C. on Tuesday.

He will be greeted at the airport by President Obama, will make a highly anticipated speech to the U.S. Congress, followed by an address to the United Nations...

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Compelling Photos Capture Pope Francis' Visit To Cuba

(0) Comments | Posted September 20, 2015 | 9:02 AM

Pope Francis arrived in Cuba on September 19 to an enthusiastic reception in the country that is in the midst of political change and spiritual curiosity. The photos below capture how Cubans are welcoming the pope and his message of peace. 

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The Secret To Understanding Pope Francis: A Conversation with Rev. James Martin, S.J.

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The Key To Understanding Pope Francis: All Together Podcast With Father James Martin

(0) Comments | Posted September 18, 2015 | 12:24 PM

The Pope cometh.  

From Tuesday, September 22 to Sunday, September 27, Pope Francis will be visiting the United States and will be addressing the United Nations, President Barack Obama and Congress and celebrating Mass at the World Meeting of the Families in Philadelphia.

But what exactly will Pope Francis...

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Accidental Saint: The Passion Of Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber (All Together Podcast)

(0) Comments | Posted September 11, 2015 | 11:04 AM

Rev. Nadia Bolz-Weber doesn’t fit with the stereotypical milquetoast image of the Lutheran pastor. With the tattoo sleeves and the f-bombs in her speech, her vibe is more rock and roll than clergy.

Yet, Pastor Nadia is one of the most important Christian voices around -- not because she...

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Abortion, The Pope, And The Bible (All Together Podcast)

(0) Comments | Posted September 4, 2015 | 12:10 PM

Abortion is back in the headlines with stepped up attacks on Planned Parenthood and Pope Francis giving all priests the power to forgive what the Catholic Church deems a "grave sin."  Abortion is a contentious and complicated issue that involves science as well as personal ethics and, to some,...

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No, Kim Davis Is Not Martin Luther King, Jr.

(537) Comments | Posted September 3, 2015 | 2:47 PM

Kim Davis is going to jail, which is a good thing for everyone. It's good for Davis, because she was caught between her "sincerely held belief" that same-gender couples could not be married and her job in Kentucky where she was required to issue marriage licenses to gay...

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A Muslim And A Jew Meet On A College Campus -- And It's Beautiful

(1) Comments | Posted August 27, 2015 | 3:43 PM

Before Shanjida and Gavriella came to New York University they had never met someone like each other. That's because Shanjida is a Muslim and Gavriella is a Jew -- and they came to college from two religious communities that can, and often do, find themselves in conflict.  

 But what these...

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7 Reasons To Hang Out With Your College Chaplain (Even If You're Not Religious)

(12) Comments | Posted August 25, 2015 | 2:51 PM

Whether you are about to step foot on your future alma mater for the first time or are returning to pick up your college life where you left it last spring, you should definitely stop by the chaplain's office this semester.

Most private American colleges have some religious origin.*...

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Jews On Judaism -- Unfiltered: All Together Podcast

(0) Comments | Posted August 21, 2015 | 12:36 PM

In synagogues around the world, Jews will gather next month to observe the Jewish holy days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

But not all Jews.  

In a casual conversation with some of my Jewish colleagues here at HuffPost, I learned that many...

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