11/24/2010 09:41 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Five Things I'm Thankful for

- The pilgrims with the funny buckled hats who had the guts to get on a boat and make a land where all other pilgrims could follow. I mean your great-great-grandparents, your grandparents or parents, or you, or everybody else who believed there was a better, more free, more fair, more democratic place to call home.

- That people still believe in our country -- the best possible version of what this country can be. And that so many are willing to serve -- in and out of uniform -- and risk their lives to defend it.

- That my children get to live in this country. And that they're still young and live at home and even seem to enjoy it and not want to leave. But even if they did, they can't. Because I'd have to drive them, and I won't.

- That we have one whole day to be thankful. Where you have to be thankful because it's required. And for the turkey and the football, because without it, let's be honest, it's just another Thursday.

- Oh, and also thankful that now we get to live here without wearing the funny buckled Pilgrim hats, because truly, that would diminish all the good stuff a little bit. Virtually impossible to wear while driving a mid-size sedan.

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