08/15/2005 03:49 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Core Deficits: Why Supplying Armor to Troops is Still a Problem

From Operation Truth's Perry Jefferies:

Some of my friends, most of whom are in the Army and most of whom have little time for advocacy, or politics, or anything else but training, details, and a last few moments with family before deployment, wonder why Operation Truth stays with our message to properly resource and care for our troops. "I think that most of the problems we have are fixed now," I am told. But it is stories like this that are why:

Pentagon Seeks New Body Armor for U.S. Troops: Citing Need for Better Protection, Military to Upgrade Vests for 500,000

Maj. Gen. William D. Catto, head of the Marine Corps Systems Command, said he wasn't happy about the yearlong delay to replace the armor, noting that if defense officials had the capability, they would upgrade the protective garb right away. But he blamed the delay partly on a shortage of the raw material that is needed to strengthen the plates.

A fuller explanation is here, from Sunday’s New York Times:

U.S. Struggles to get Soldiers Updated Armor

Here we are, two and a half years into Operation Iraqi Freedom and still scraping to equip our men and women with the best equipment that we can.

Some pogue in Washington continues to "resource manage" and "risk manage" our troops into shortages and out of their lives and body parts - that's why. The President has corrected his message machine lately to reinforce the fact we are at war. Yet, there is no call for sacrifice, no demand for industrial mobilization, and I guess it would be damn hard to demand your leaders work late to get these supplies into the pipe when you are on vacation.

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