Specialist Stuart Wilf for President in 2008!

11/10/2005 12:10 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Most Veterans like me who served in Iraq feel like we don't have a political party we can turn to right now. The Republicans got us into this mess and the Democrats don't have a plan to get us out. And neither party is listening to returning Vets to understand our issues and create much-needed policy change.

In 2008, Vets like me (and Americans in general) will be looking for a Presidential candidate to emerge from outside the traditional political molds and project strength. We need a candidate who is a man of the people, someone who is not a professional politician, someone that has credibility on defense issues. We need a person who understands the war in Iraq. We need a witty and intelligent candidate who can motivate young voters, and talk in a manner that appeals to normal people.

I think I have found that candidate. His name is Stuart Wilf. To find out more, click here.

If Christopher Walken can run for President, why not Wilf?

He has a GED.

He joined the Army at 17.

He liberated/invaded Iraq (take your pick) when he was 19.

He spent 420 days in Iraq, fighting from Baghdad to Najaf.

He likes to have a good time.

All that before he was old enough to drink (which didn't stop him).

This guy is on the move!