This Preposterous Week in Review: Michael Bay, Al Franken and Joe Jackson!

08/03/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Paul Slansky Paul Slansky is amassing a memory for Americans allergic to accountability and addicted to amnesia.

Bay, Michael
• utter lack of talent of is richly rewarded

Boehner, Rep. John

• climate change bill is described as "this pile of sh-t" by

Boone, Pat
• urgent need of to see President Obama's birth certificate

Borowitz, Andy
• fantasy of that Bernie Madoff would wind up sharing a cell with O.J. Simpson, who would help him "search for the real swindlers"

Franken, Sen. Al
grumpiness of Fox News folks about the election of because not a single vote they're going to be happy with is likely ever to be cast by

U.S. combat troops are removed from without the U.S. president making a fool of himself by wearing a stupid costume under a moronically ill-advised sign

Jackson, Rep. Jesse, Jr.
• God is thanked by for "letting all of us live in [Michael Jackson's] generation and in his era"

Jackson, Joe
• death of son of provides perfect opportunity for plugging new record company established by

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