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This Preposterous Week in Review: Sarah Palin, Michael Jackson, And More!

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Jackson, Michael

brainlessness of

• columnists Bob Herbert and Gail Collins weigh in on • crowd at Staples Center memorial service for is astonished by resurrection of ... oh, never mind, that was just that insufferable jerk Corey Feldman dressed up like
Palin, soon-to-be-ex-Gov. Sarah

ability of to spout incomprehensible babble is undiminished by decision of to quit in a huff

• Anderson Cooper isn't buying the inane excuses of the spokeswoman for

angry tweets of

• David Letterman is still making fun of

• eagerness of to get back to "slaying salmon"

efforts of to make people stop saying bad things about or they are going to get so sued by

excuse offered by for quitting is -- as is so much of what passes the lips of -- of questionable veracity

• explanation by that, as President, unfair ethical allegations against would be dealt with by the (nonexistent) "Department of Law"

• Fox News contributor is unimpressed -- "the woman is inarticulate, undereducated ... She just begs for adjectives like flaky and wacky ... (she) has no credentials for any job" -- by

self-pitying Facebook page of

• Shannyn Moore says "Bring it on!" to

"whining" about unfavorable media coverage used to "bother"

• wondering by author of this index if presenting enough unflattering material about, like this and this and this and this, and this, will prompt the threat of a lawsuit by

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