Britain! Glorious Britain (Videos)

12/06/2013 09:36 am ET

Travelling the world throughout the last couple of years I could quite often forget the beautiful country I reside in and use as home base so to speak. Britain, home to me, but a place one can see why millions visit each year. A diverse land of history and landscapes from coast to mountain-top. From great landmarks of the cities to picturesque cottages of rural villages. Great lakes, rolling pastures and local cultures and traditions. Every corner of Britain has a tale to tell. In these three videos below I shall take you on a short journey through some of the British gems, from the different ways to view the city of London to the history within the peaks of northern England. Britain, a glorious place to explore.

London - top views from land, sea and air

The Lake District - a place full of wonder

The Peak District - In the heart of Britain brimming with history