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Paul Stiles
Paul Stiles is the author of the forthcoming book Is the American Dream Killing You? How the Market Rules Our Lives. His email address is

Blog Entries by Paul Stiles

The Harvard Air Force

0 Comments | Posted October 17, 2005 | 6:45 PM

In my last posting, I talked about the idea of a class-based draft as a kind of affirmative action policy to help ensure that all social classes are equally represented in the armed forces. Well, this really got me thinking about some related measure we could take in the...

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Draft the Upper Class

0 Comments | Posted October 13, 2005 | 11:52 AM

Given the state of our society, there is certainly a lot of competition for the title of Most Immoral Practice, from the forty million people without health insurance today to the mass acceptance of torture as a means of interrogation (where is the outrage?). But in my mind, the most...

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System Failure

0 Comments | Posted September 26, 2005 | 4:12 PM

So what do problems at NASA, FEMA, and the entire U.S. Intelligence Community all have in common?

Believe it or not, the free market.

That's right. One of the problems we have putting our finger on the cause of the mounting dysfunction in American life is understanding that what we...

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Canary Islands in a Coal Mine

0 Comments | Posted September 16, 2005 | 4:52 PM

Greetings from the Canary Islands. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Hawaii of Europe, these seven islands off the coast of Morocco are one of the continent’s most popular tourist and expatriate destinations, and thus, an efficient locale for taking the Euro pulse on any subject—particularly America,...

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Economic Cleansing in America

0 Comments | Posted September 13, 2005 | 1:23 PM

As we all sit in dismay watching the bodies float through the streets of New Orleans on TV, it may seem like the free market bears no real connection to this weather-driven event. And yet what we are watching is the ultimate product of our market-driven society: the eradication of...

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