06/29/2015 02:46 pm ET | Updated Jun 28, 2016

Finger Pulling, Head Pulling and Airplaning: The Craziest Arctic Sports

When I first heard about the Arctic Winter Games, my head immediately filled with snowboarding, skiing, dog mushing, and possibly ice fishing. But that's not all that happens...


Occurring every two years, the Arctic Winter Games are the Olympics for athletes in the places that inhabit the Arctic Circle: Canada, Russia, Alaska, and Greenland. Within the games are the Arctic Sports, a series of competitions that derive from Inuit culture and survival techniques that the Inuit needed to have when hunting or camping out on the ice for weeks on end. While now performed inside a warm gym, some of the sports -- while featuring some seriously dubious names -- can still be dangerous: Greenland's Prime Minister Kim Kielsen is missing the middle finger on his left hand thanks to a game called the Finger Pull, which, according to the Arctic Winter Games website, occurs when "Two competitors sit on the floor facing each other and lock middle fingers. Competitors pull steadily at the fingers while bracing their opposite hands on their opponent's shoulders. The object is to pull the opponent over or touch the opponent's hand to one's chest." Again, this can be oddly dangerous.

For all the gruesome goriness, weirdness and odd fabulousness, in which you will witness yours truly along with the Arctic champion Tonny Fisker, finger pull, kneel jump, and participate in something called "Kick the Seal" check this video out. You will thank me, I swear:

For the full list of crazy sports (and how to do them, click HERE.