02/09/2014 08:14 pm ET | Updated Apr 11, 2014

The 10 Places on My Bucket List This Year (It Will Surprise You)

No, I haven't been everywhere, and some places I don't go to because I'm a conscientious objector (Zimbabwe, anyone?) but I can still dream. And plan. Because dictators, xenophobia and being broke wont last forever! Besides -- what better way to spend a slow, freezing Saturday than to dream about unending possibilities? I present to you my Bucket List of places to go (and why).

1. Mongolia: There is just something so poetically lonely in this landscape, and I've always wanted to see the famous wild horse races...


2. The Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo: Ok, fine -- Tokyo too. And Kyoto. But, as I've mentioned before, I cant scuba dive, and I have a thing for fish markets. And this one is supposed to be the best in the world. Besides, who doesn't love Toro right out of the ocean at 3 a.m.?


3. The Northern Lights: Despite my fear of the cold, I am willing to travel to Iceland, Alaska or Norway to see this phenomenon. Because, LOOK AT THIS!


4. Sudan: Not just because I'm obsessed with the Dinka corset (one day, I will own one, I swear!) The Nubian pyramids and the ancient Kingdom of Kush have always been fascinating to me.

5. Ethiopia: I mean, come on -- the Ark of the Covenant is supposed to be buried here!!! The King of Solomon supposedly gave it to the Queen of Sheba and it's buried in one of these churches:

6. The Pygmy Tribes of Cameroon: Because THERE ARE PYGMY TRIBES IN CAMEROON!!

7. Burma (Myanmar): Ever since the high voodoo priestess of New Orleans, Sallie Ann Glassman, told me in a past life I was a Buddhist nun in Burma I've been fascinated.

8. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

9. The Dwarf Village, Kunming, China: The small people of China got sick of being bullied so they built their own village.

10. Chernobyl: Im fascinated... What happens when people leave... it's deeply disturbing.

For the full list with pics, and an added bonus place, click HERE and let me know what's on your list!