12/20/2012 01:54 pm ET Updated Feb 18, 2013

Dear Santa: I Want for Nothing, I Wish for Lots

Last week, my daughter left a note on her white board in the playroom:
I love everything.

Simple and powerful. It made me envious. I wondered how I could preserve this sentiment for my kids as they grow older and restore this feeling in myself.

And then the Newtown, Conn. school tragedy happened.

I talked to my kids, wanting them to hear about it inside the safety of our walls instead of on the playground.

We expressed our dislike of guns, but mostly we talked about feelings and brains and how it's important to talk about how you feel inside instead of keeping emotions bottled up. We also talked about how some brains are not always healthy and sometimes are "sick like a cold" and need medicine or doctors to help to make them better. We talked about being aware of others and to reach out and help when you see someone struggling, or to ask for help if it's you that is struggling.

I don't know how much they truly understood, but I noticed that in the days after our talk, the message stayed up on the board. Defiant in the face of confusion and sadness.

I feel sick to my stomach and the last thing on my mind is shiny, pretty, expensive things. I want for nothing. My kids are happy at school, my husband on a plane heading home, my dog sleeping in his chair.

I want for nothing, but I do wish for lots.

Mostly I hope that those who have suffered through any tragedy find peace in the coming year.

In our big-wide-world it takes a community. We are all in this together to make it better place for everything. {thank you for reminding me, my sweet girl.}

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