06/11/2007 05:40 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Bed Karma

This afternoon, shortly before the movers brought in my new furniture, I dragged my super plush futon and frame, the one I've had for the bulk of my time in New York City, out into the hall by the trash room. I don't care where it goes from there, but I did leave a note hoping that someone would give it a good home. It's still a perfectly fine piece of furniture. It was just time for the two of us to part ways.

As I spent my last night with the futon, I started to think about all the good times we'd had. I remember when I got for my 23rd birthday, seven years ago. I bought it from a bored clerk at Futon World in Hoboken. I had been in Hoboken one random afternoon and decided to buy it and charge it to my dad. It was a good choice. That futon followed me through four apartments and served dutifully as both a couch and a bed. People often complimented me on how soft it was. Pookie, my old gray cat, was particularly fond of it.

I also thought about the fellas who knew the futon, however briefly. That futon had a knack for attracting the same caliber of guy: smart, overachieving, always tall and often a little cocky. Nevertheless, as I shoved the futon into the hall, I shoved out any lingering energy those guys may have left in my life. It was a symbolic sendoff to the Israeli, the Italian, the litigator and the redhead who never wore shoes. They were all wonderful, handsome men, but new furniture brings new energy. As I enter my third decade I can't be bogged down even the smallest emotional debris.

My new furniture is coming from my friend Cara, who is having a baby in a month. Most of it was stuff she had in her apartment when she was single, and had been collecting dust in her guest bedroom. As the movers packed up the bed, I noticed that it wasn't the one I remembered from her old alcove studio. Instead, it was her husband's when he was still a bachelor. A laughed out loud. I was getting a bachelor's bed, a bachelor who had married a great gal and they were now having a kid together. That's what I call good bed karma. I'm looking forward to it.