01/06/2010 10:32 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

December 25th = January 7th

Eastern Orthodox churches celebrate Christmas on January 7th (by Julian, rather than Gregorian calendar). My belated thoughts on the matter. Just on time.

Same thought I had twelve times.
- Which one?
Doesn't matter.
- What does?
What does is the experience of timelessness, i.e. life.
12... 11... 10...
Count your anxious mind down past one, and even past (the Sunyata*) zero.
Celebrate christmas yearlessly, every moment.
- Why christmas with lower case "c"?
No disrespect: I mean in it in a pseudo-buddhist sense of ongoing arising-and-cessation of all that is. Call it Russian Zen or (ego-check) my writing eccentricity.
- Why pseudo-buddhist?
Because I am not a buddhist. Never mind: no time to explain. We've got this now to attend to...
So, without any further ado, while we share this writing-reading moment: happy arising-and-cessation to you all by whatever time-keeping orthodoxy you use to track your existence!
Whatever is, is always on time.
Even a belated wish.
So, celebrate the psychophysical divinity of your existence.
And remember to share it,
Not with me, of course.
With yourself!
By the way: what time is life?
(a hat-tip to KLF**)

*Sunyata doctrine (Buddhism) of no-self
**KLF, acid house pioneer band, with an existential anthem "What time is love?"