Are You Marketing From a Place of Integrity?

10/27/2010 03:38 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Let me set the scene for you. It's the beginning of spring and you have decided it's time to seek out the support of a professional to help you with your weight loss goals and get ready for shorts season. You go to the gym for your first appointment with your personal trainer and there he is. One hundred pounds overweight and laboring for breath as he reaches the top of the stairs to greet you. Your heart sinks. You were putting your faith in someone to show you the way and it looks like he has not been able to find it on his own.

Sounds a little far-fetched? Perhaps in person it is, but this type of disconnect happens behind the safe curtain of the internet all of the time.

I have had a few of these experiences myself over the years and you probably have also. I have known authors to write books about how to get rich, yet they had no money. They planned to get rich by teaching others how to do it. Odd, isn't it? There are also a lot of social media "experts" teaching people how to use social media for profits, but where are their actual profits, how are they making money from it, besides teaching it to others? Hmm? Ever meet someone who appeared completely disorganized, always full of drama and living in reactive mode? Were you ever shocked to find out he/she was a life coach?

Then there are the folks who write about how to have a happy marriage and they have been divorced several times. In this case maybe they are telling you what not to do? Perhaps they should put it into practice before they deem themselves the teacher.

I even had a client who signed up for one of my wealth programs and agreed to pay the investment over three payments. After being reminded that her second and third payments were overdue she came up with a proposition for me. If I helped to promote her own product about getting rich, the money I made by being her affiliate would pay me for my services. Did I lose you there for a minute? I am not surprised. I was confused and shocked when she suggested it to me.

Now I am not suggesting that everyone online is a phony. What I am strongly recommending is that if you are going to offer anything, and I mean anything online, you need to do so from a place of total integrity. Your brand, your reputation, and your success depend upon being authentic. That is the only way to create raving fans. You don't want clients that are happy you want clients that are raving about you. By being authentic it causes other people to talk about you. They are so impressed that they can't wait to tell their friends and colleagues about you or your business.

When your curtain is pulled back, what will your clients see? If you are not being authentic you are not building a business on a solid foundation. People will find out about you, one way or another. The online you should be a mirror image of the real you.

Have you found that success follows authenticity? Do you have a raving fan story? Please share them in the comments section below.