Exercises to Keep You Healthier for Longer

05/15/2011 07:05 pm ET | Updated Jul 16, 2011

Solid research has proven again and again that if you exercise, you can live as much as six to eight years longer. And not only that, you will also spend those bonus years being more comfortable in your body. To give you an idea of how substantial a gift that is, subtract eight years from your current age and think back to where you were then. Would exercising every day be worth living that much additional time? I vote yes.

I work in a gym and our gym members are not coming in to burn more calories so that they can squeeze into their Friday night skinny jeans like we did in the 80's. The people I see working out are interested in waking up feeling energized and being able to tie their own shoes with ease. At 49 years old, being out of pain is a big deal for me and my friends. If I am sitting on the sidelines of my son's baseball game, I want to be able to jump up and throw that foul ball back in with ease -- and I want to keep doing it until I am 99 years old, too.

What can you do to keep you healthier for longer? Here is my top ten list of exercises that will help you reel in those extra years: