Dadmissions: The List

04/10/2013 07:12 pm ET | Updated Jun 10, 2013

It's a challenging, educational, inspirational, stomach-churning, acid-reflux burning, constantly learning, headache-inducing, sleep reducing, pride infusing, emotional, devotional, inspiring, perspiring, rewarding experience to be a parent.

There are so many things I want to tell the kids. There are so many things I've written for them but never shared with them. It's a little bread crumb trail that I hope they discover sometime down the road. Along the way, I started a little list, things I want the girls to learn one day, things I hope will guide them throughout life. Some of them are biggies. Some of them are just little reminders. Some of them are nonsense. Each one of us probably has that little list. Here's mine. What's on yours?

Your sibling will always be your best friend.
Do the things that make you happy.
Learn to apologize when you've done things wrong
Settle old scores -- no sense in having a list of enemies.
Don't ever put someone down to raise yourself up.
Respect other people's religions.
College is non-negotiable. You're going.
Go to an overnight summer camp.
Take a road trip in your teens (I went to Daytona Beach with friends).
Live in a different city at some point and broaden your world.
Learn how to drive a stick shift. Don't get a stick shift before you can drive it.
Learn a hobby -- I like music, photography, sports, and writing.
Go to concerts. There is nothing like seeing a band live.
Go see a Broadway musical -- in NYC -- with discount tickets.
Become a coffee lover -- the morning cup is really the best.
Learn how to make "eggs in a bread basket" -- super buttery.
Don't ever smoke- not even to experiment- it's too hard to stop.
Don't ever get a DUI. You will be severely punished.
Wear a helmet when you need to. You need your brain.
Respect the planet. It's the only one we have right now.
Don't assume that all homeless folks are hopeless folks.
Go out of your comfort zone- you may find the zone expands.
Find a spouse who challenges you to be a better person. I did.
Think about your future -- you're on the road there right now.
Have a classic pu-pu platter with the blue flame.
Enjoy a fresh challah bread at Cheryl Anne's in Brookline, MA
Go to Crescent Ridge in Sharon, MA for ice cream and watch the cows.
Eat Town Spa pizza in Stoughton, MA. OK, enough from my hometown.
Always go to see fireworks on the 4th of July.
Pick out a fresh cut Christmas tree with your kids if you celebrate
Watch the Vacation, Rocky and Airplane movies -- all of them.
Watch the 10 Commandments and It's a Wonderful Life -- classics.
Don't just talk about volunteering. Do it.
Donate some of your money when you have it to give.
If someone is standing on an off-ramp, they probably DO need help.
Always stay plugged in to current events.
Remember, coupons aren't always the best deal.
Remember, outlet prices aren't always the cheapest.
Costco has great free samples. (This is called Sunday Brunch)
Don't buy 50 gallons of something if you don't really need it.
Having your finances in order can provide peace of mind.
Watering the lawn can provide incredible moments of zen.
Don't bother with super unleaded gas. Regular works just fine.
Frequent oil changes are a waste of money.
It's too much work to always keep up with the Kardashians.
Hello Kitty is really older than your dad -- go figure that!
Yes, Smurfette lives with 98 other Smurfs- all boys.
Solid colors will always match more outfits.
A great pair of jeans is indispensable.
Acid washed jeans with rips are a big mistake.
Jackets with zippers as accessories are a big mistake.
Take pride in the work that you do.
Take pride in the life that you live.
Assume always -- your parents want the best for you.
Assume always-- your parents are watching out for you.
Assume always -- you can come to us to talk about anything.

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