06/05/2013 01:46 pm ET Updated Aug 05, 2013

Dadmissions: The Milestones

Pete Wilgoren

A letter to my daughter on her preschool graduation:

So you're graduating preschool
What a day it will surely be
You're no longer the baby
But you're always a baby to me

You're getting taller and stronger
Growing a little more each day
You can read like a champ
Even if you'd much rather play

Now the real learning begins
Books, essays, homework as well
With a side dish of recess
You better listen for that school bell

Enjoy the next twelve years
They're gonna go by in a flash
Eventually you'll walk the stage
In your graduation cap and sash

Oh, the places you'll go
It sounds so cliché to say
But I can't wait to see
What you become one day

Until then, we'll watch, wait and see
Guide you, help you, on your journey
You may no longer be the baby
But you're always a baby to me.

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