11/06/2006 04:08 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The MBA Way

President Bush was billed as the first MBA President.

The first whose government would reflect the unrelenting logic of the market place.

(Never mind that his performance in the actual electoral market place is limited to one popular vote loss abetted by the Supreme Court and one "victory" defined by a few precincts in Ohio plus a Diebold machine).

Please do the President justice and apply "better business principles" to the world he has helped create:

1. The President and the Republican Congress each agree that National Security is the greatest issue facing the Republic.

2. The Military no longer trusts the Secretary of Defense (though the Republican Party and the President demur). Through their own news service the various branches of the military have announced this fact, during a time of war, because of their overwhelming belief that collegial solidarity must give way to overwhelming and undeniable evidence of Republican lead incompetence.

3. The President, despite warnings from his national security team, recently personally guaranteed the Secretary's job, before ordering the dissemination, on the internet, of detailed information describing the methods and means necessary to create a nuclear device. Both orders defy common sense and expert advice. They can only be explained in the context of outrageous and dangerous partisan political posturing.

4. The President and the Republican Party are now running a Mid-Term campaign based almost exclusively on their self proclaimed expertise in the field of national defense. This claim is now a demonstrable and frightening national joke.

On Tuesday each voter has the opportunity to vote their national shares. Lets do so in a way that demonstrates our understanding of Market Principles and our extreme displeasure with the way that management has run this country.

Isn't this what they teach in Harvard Business School?