07/26/2011 06:36 pm ET Updated Sep 25, 2011

Would You Rather Be Lucky or Smart?

I shall never believe that God plays dice with the world.
-- Albert Einstein

  • Do you ever feel your life experiences are based on sheer randomness, which some prefer to call "luck"?
  • Do you have the beliefs that everything is set in stone, with no operating law beneath the superficial layers we call life, and with no control from us whatsoever?
  • Do you have fears there is no logical grounding to the events happening now, that everything is as random as a prime-number generator's output?

If you answered in positive to any of the above questions, you are living in ignorance. Nothing is beyond your control. Wake up from this fictitious nightmare. Once you operate from falsely-rooted concepts, you manifest more of the same. In the light of truth you can have, do or be anything.

The movie "Forrest Gump" is a great fictional example of a human who is not exactly brilliant, talented or even having advantage. His character does illustrate what I am saying here. From Gump's early childhood he learned to deal with handicap. He stayed present and responded; usually with right action in any given life situation and succeeding. He did not complain, and he did not think himself into a negative flurry -- he simply stayed present and responded.

Another example is a real estate broker I once knew who continually complained she did not have the money she deserved. She had been doing everything right to attract money, and she had worked hard toward building a real estate empire, including taking action whenever a nudge presented itself. Yet she was desperate and lived in a studio apartment, which was hardly her visualization.

When asked to reflect on her thought patterns, she realized how things had changed for her. Years earlier, she lived in a huge house with a pool and a beautiful garden in the backyard. Her business was at its peak. When anyone complimented her for the lavish house, however, she sadly uttered to friends and to herself, "Oh, I wish managing it was not this tough! It makes me want to live in a van!"

And she got what she wanted: riddance of her mansion-like place. Attention to lack (or the negative impacts of positive change) generates more lack.

Things can work both ways, and so a good side presents itself. If you can manifest lack, then you can bring the opposite of lack to your life, too: you can manifest enough. Think of lack, you will have more of it. Think of failure, you will see more of it. Think of anything, and it multiplies -- even abundance.

This simplest of underlying truths is always functioning no matter where you are with regard to your consciousness. If you are higher on the ladder of consciousness, then you will see it operating in every mundane thing. Similarly, if you were lower on the consciousness-awake state ladder, then it would not be as obvious or in your face.

Only you can create your own life experiences, no one else can do it for you. Not even people who mean harm to you. "What about their thoughts -- what if they start manifesting for me via negative intentions targeted my way?" That is like saying they think about you all day long, which tends to be unlikely. Even your villain cannot just aim bad thoughts toward you, because you have the power to protect yourself. Sure, you may feel the bad vibrations and get a somber feeling whenever around some people, but that is it. Beyond a point, they will cease to overpower you, because they have their own lack-based thoughts to take care of. If you are vibrating at a higher frequency, then they will raise their vibrations to match yours, or you both will abandon the physical space and time that you two share. It is nature's law.

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