10/02/2013 06:18 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014


What if we all went on strike?

Marches are old-hat. A bunch of people waving placards and banners produce mostly yawns these days. Besides which, a march on Washington, even if in the hundreds of thousands, would require time, organization; and protestors would need not only to sacrifice a day of work, but also to bear the expenses of getting from here to there and back again.

But what if we all went on strike? Agree, through the amazing speed of social media, on a date, and simply go on strike? Bring the whole country, not just the government to a halt, as a demonstration of the people's will? Are there no enough of us who believe in the requirement of a health care system that covers the needs of every American, that our government be required to do its job, that the debt ceiling must be raised...? That the single-minded desire to destroy a presidency is not a proper nor a workable ideology for the U.S. Congress?

It seems clear that the entire country is being manipulated by a relative handful of anti-government, Obama-hating zealots who have created the fiction that they are the voice of the American people.

They are not. And yet we, the great majority, throw up our hands in despair of ever being able to be heard. Most, I am convinced, share my anger and my burning need to take some significant action that makes my views known.

Marches won't do it. Let's go on strike!

Let's choose a day and do it. I heard tales of the time, before I was born, when a General Strike paralyzed my native country, England. That was a labor movement, demanding fair wages, better working conditions, and so on. Here, in the U.S., almost a century later, could we not agree on a General Strike to drown out the voices of the irrational, extreme right-wing?



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