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Peter D. Rosenstein
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Rosenstein is a public speaker and commentator in the areas of politics, education, healthcare and LGBT rights. He is a journalist with regular columns in the Washington Blade, the Georgetown Dish and his writing appears regularly in the Huffington Post.

Entries by Peter D. Rosenstein

Bernie Sanders Initials, BS, Is the 'Snake Oil' He Is Selling

(47) Comments | Posted February 5, 2016 | 5:29 PM

It's time Democratic primary voters around the nation get real and look at the 'BS' Bernie Sanders is trying to feed them. In reality he is simply an old white politician, a self-described socialist, and sounds more like a 'carnival barker' shouting and waving his hands in the air with...

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Hillary Can Make a Difference for Women Everywhere That Bernie Can't

(5) Comments | Posted February 4, 2016 | 3:19 PM

There were many good questions directed to both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton at the New Hampshire Town Forum on Wednesday. One of the most interesting was directed to Hillary Clinton by Julie Carnigan. She said, "I'm the proud mother of five girls, two of my own, three...

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To Students and Millennials: Take Another Look at Hillary Clinton

(104) Comments | Posted January 30, 2016 | 12:52 PM

For over twenty-five years Republicans and the elite east coast media have tried to bring down Hillary and Bill Clinton. They have been stymied by the truth and by all both Clintons have accomplished for the country.

Contrary to what Bernie Sanders and his campaign have said;...

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Anti-Semitism Emerges at Task Force Protest

(0) Comments | Posted January 26, 2016 | 3:03 PM

There were some protesters at the Creating Change conference who think a disgusting display of anti-Semitism, which is defined as (prejudice against, hatred of, or discrimination against Jews as an ethnic, religious, or racial group) is acceptable. It never was and isn't today.

The protest at the Creating...

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Why Hillary Is the Right Choice for Iowans, and Bernie Isn't

(71) Comments | Posted January 24, 2016 | 5:10 PM

In eight days the people of Iowa will caucus and make their decision on who should be the Democratic nominee for President. Many say they are making a choice between their head and their heart. I would suggest they think of this as a choice between one candidate who understands...

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Maryland's 8th Congressional District -- Opportunity for a New Progressive Voice

(2) Comments | Posted January 22, 2016 | 2:50 PM

Maryland's 8th congressional district is now pretty safe for Democrats and there is an opportunity to elect a strong new progressive voice. A voice for income-equality, women's rights, civil and human rights for the LGBT community and real immigration reform with a path to citizenship. A Voice replacing that of...

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Debate reinforces Sanders is the Wrong Choice for Democrats Today

(353) Comments | Posted January 18, 2016 | 3:57 PM

If Bernie Sanders is nominated by the Democratic Party I will support him. Hopefully wiser heads will prevail. Many of the ideas he campaigns on sound good. But Hillary Clinton's strong progressive policy agenda is 100% more realistic. She understands what Sanders doesn't; to make progress one must work with...

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21 Days to Iowa and Why Voting for Hillary Makes Sense

(10) Comments | Posted January 11, 2016 | 4:33 PM

In 21 days it's time to caucus in Iowa. Ten months have passed since Hillary announced she is running for President. Many say the 2016 Presidential campaign actually began on November 7, 2012 the day after Barack Obama won his second term; either way it's time for voters to speak.

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Earth to Trump: Hillary Clinton is a Woman

(142) Comments | Posted January 2, 2016 | 11:18 AM

In his maniacal rantings about Hillary playing the woman's card Trump ignores what is right before his eyes; she is a brilliant, experienced and passionate woman whose supporters, male and female, will be working hard to elect her President of the United States of America. Clinton is the...

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Americans Won't Elect a Vulgar/Bullying Blowhard

(1758) Comments | Posted December 24, 2015 | 12:11 PM

The American people won't elect a vulgar/bullying/blowhard for President even if the ultra-right wing of the Republican Party manages to nominate him. We have never before seen the kind of campaign we are seeing this year within the Republican Party. All their chickens are coming home to roost. The worst...

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The Chutzpah of the Sanders Campaign

(74) Comments | Posted December 19, 2015 | 4:49 PM

The Urban dictionary definition of chutzpah is unmitigated effrontery or impudence; gall. That is exactly the appropriate definition for what the Bernie Sanders campaign did when they decided to attack the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for the activities of their own staffers. I am not saying Bernie Sanders...

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Clinton's Statement on LGBT Rights Shows Her Trust in the Decency of Americans

(48) Comments | Posted December 18, 2015 | 11:51 AM

On Thursday evening Hillary Clinton released a six point policy paper on how she will continue to fight for full equality for LGBT Americans. This is the most comprehensive position statement on this issue ever put out by a candidate for president. It is far reaching in its...

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Trump's Slime Is Getting on All of Us

(5) Comments | Posted December 10, 2015 | 4:36 PM

What Donald Trump is proposing for America is unconstitutional in addition to asking us to give up our values. The result of doing what he proposes would be worse than any terrorist attack can ever be. For decent Americans listening to Trump spew his hate, it...

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Speak Out if You Agree With Hillary Clinton "We Are Better Than That"

(6) Comments | Posted November 30, 2015 | 3:21 PM

Hillary Clinton recently issued a statement encouraging the United States to open our doors to Syrian refugees saying "We cannot allow terrorists to intimidate us into abandoning our values and humanitarian obligations. Turning away orphans, applying a religious test, discriminating against Muslims, slamming the door on every single...

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Not Voting for Hillary If She Is the Nominee Is "Cutting Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face"

(0) Comments | Posted November 11, 2015 | 11:23 PM

H.A. Goodman's column "I'm a Bernie Sanders voter who will not support Hillary Clinton: Here are ten reasons why" makes incredibly little sense. He clearly doesn't understand our founding fathers, unfortunately there we no founding mothers, set up a system of government in which to move forward there...

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Hillary Is Winning: The Media and Sanders' Campaign Are Freaking Out

(50) Comments | Posted November 5, 2015 | 9:33 PM

For the first six months of the Democratic primary, the media -- including the New York Times and Washington Post -- relished writing everything they could to hurt the Clinton campaign. The Times went so far as to report a non-existent criminal inquiry directed at her and had to back...

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Hillary Clinton at 68 Is 'Just Getting Warmed Up'

(4) Comments | Posted October 27, 2015 | 2:56 PM

In the past few weeks Americans were treated to what those of us who know her and have followed her life and career have always known: Hillary Clinton is brilliant, complicated, a policy wonk, cares about people, and has a great sense of humor.

Clinton has spent her life...

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Trudeau and Liberal Party Sweep Canadian Election; Relations With U.S. Should Improve

(0) Comments | Posted October 21, 2015 | 11:54 AM

The first time I followed Canadian politics closely was in the late 60s and early 70s during the Vietnam War when some friends fled to Canada to evade the draft. Many so-called draft-dodgers have become very successful and part of Canadian life. When President Carter declared unconditional amnesty,...

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Rehoboth Beach Special Election: Vote Against!

(3) Comments | Posted October 16, 2015 | 11:51 AM

The ongoing fight over zoning and other issues in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware has sparked the formation of a new group called One Rehoboth - Moving Forward Together. It is a coalition of Rehoboth Beach neighbors who share concerns about the future of their town. They all have homes at the...

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What Can Joe Biden Do Now? He Can Endorse Hillary

(71) Comments | Posted October 15, 2015 | 3:25 PM

It now appears there is little rationale left for Joe Biden to enter the Democratic primary. The question of how Hillary would do with the attacks on her from Republicans over her e-mails and Benghazi are all being answered in her favor.

The Benghazi Committee is being shown up for...

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