No Opinions... And Proud of It!

05/25/2011 11:45 am ET
  • Peter Mehlman Television writer; Producer, Seinfeld; Host, Narrow World of Sports

Time Magazine recently named the mayor of San Diego the worst mayor in America. The question is: That's what Time Magazine does with its notoriously Ivy League educated "journalists?" What's next? "The worst Avon ladies in America?" "The worst blind kids in America?" (Which brings up another question: Who picks up after seeing-eye dogs?)

The irresponsibility of the media is a stride behind the utter meanness of the media. How did this axe-to-grind mentality take over the press? (I too have an axe to grind... where can you get that done?) Vanity Fair -- the most overrated magazine of all time -- is viciously mean. And that comes from an editorial staff that sees itself as something highbrow when, in reality, Vanity Fair is just People without the appropriately low self-esteem.

If I sound angry about this, I'm not. Actually, I'm tired of reading anyway. Books, magazines, newspapers... I'm done. (Except for the New York Times Obits. When I read about someone my age dying of a heart attack and then it says that it was congenital, I feel such a blissful feeling of relief.) Putting my head in the sand and being utterly uninformed sounds appealing. Having no opinions on anything sounds fantastic.