11/21/2011 10:05 am ET | Updated Jan 21, 2012

The Future of Our City... and Its History

Did you feel that? Wait... there it is again! You felt it, too, right?

Felt a little bit like positive energy -- even, dare I say, momentum.

Indeed, there's been a lot of positive energy flowing throughout Detroit this past year.  Projects such as "Live Midtown" are serving as a catalyst for change. Companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield relocating in downtown Detroit have helped the business community rethink future investments. Community initiatives such as the "I'm a Believer" campaign are reminding us of the power of individual action to make a difference. And the launching of HuffPost Detroit will enable organizations like the Detroit Historical Society to share with you the positive stories that are reshaping our city -- and the way people think about it.

Yes -- we're still experiencing some tough times. But even the skeptics have to agree that the future of our city holds great promise.

There's been a lot of positive energy surrounding the Detroit Historical Society as well, lately, as we publicly launched our $20.1 million Past>Forward Campaign this past summer. After two years of raising funds from friends and supporters -- and with $10.8 million to show for our efforts -- we're ready to tell the greater community about our effort to ensure the future of our history!

That future includes improvements to our core museums -- the Detroit Historical Museum and Dossin Great Lakes Museum -- that will enable us to share even more of the stories that have helped shape our region's history through the addition of exciting new galleries as well as enhancements to current exhibitions.

Expanded educational programming and outreach will help us succeed to the extent that we can make a measurable difference in the lives of school children throughout southeast Michigan, helping them form lifelong habits of learning and curiosity -- and be fun at the same time!

Improved access to the Society's expansive collection of historically significant artifacts will enable students, researchers and enthusiasts alike to realize greater benefit from our mission to preserve our history.

Much like the future of our region, the future of our history will also include the many things that the Detroit Historical Society currently does well -- from creating educational and entertaining topical exhibits to hosting popular programs.