Miscellaneous Notes, Questions and Observations From the Men's Room

05/25/2011 12:10 pm ET
  • Peter Smith Author, 'A Porch Sofa Almanac' and 'A Cavalcade of Lesser Horrors'

1. Worst "Sorry about that gay misunderstanding" press conference ever.

2. CNN reframed or retouched Senator Craig's mug shot to eliminate the American flag pin.

3. Odds Idaho will send another conservative Republican to fill Craig's soon to be empty seat: 1 million to one. Odds that the new conservative Republican won't be looking for hot men's room action himself sometime soon: much shorter.

4. Will the GSA provide Craig's replacement with disposable Senate seat covers?

5. Northwest Airlines passengers connecting through Minneapolis/Saint Paul (a Northwest hub) report they don't need to make the trek to the men's room. The airline routinely screws them right there at the gate.

6. Minnesotans report that Minneapolis/Saint Paul's Northwest hub status means state politicians service Northwest execs and stock holders at the capitol 24/7/365.

7. For a $1 million contribution to the RNC, you can have the Larry Craig 10-foot pole concession on Capitol Hill for the duration of his term.

8. Will Larry Craig channel Amy Winehouse and say, "No-no-no" to Rehab?

9. Has Ted Haggard recovered enough to pray the good Senator straight?

10. Where's Jeff Gannon when the Republican Party really needs him?