10/25/2010 08:51 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Halloween Books: 7 'Flashlight Worthy' Novels Featuring Spooky Houses (PHOTOS)

Here at Flashlight Worthy Headquarters we've sifted through our dusty archives of 404 lists of book recommendations for some Halloween-appropriate book lists. The first that reared its spooky head is this list of Books Set in Creepy Houses.

Anna Claire Vollers, who wrote the list, had this to say:

Abandoned buildings, locked doors and underground passageways: they just beg for an amateur sleuth to investigate. Ever since I first read Harriet the Spy in elementary school, I've been captivated by the idea of uncovering what's hidden. You never know what you'll find: cobwebs, dead bodies, spare relatives... and it must be noted here that all the best houses, suffused as they are with evil, burn to the ground in the end. It's a universal truth.

This book list could be pages long, but below are some of my favorites, the perfect books to read on a dark and stormy night, as you're huddled under your blankets (with a flashlight, of course), clutching your book in a white-knuckled grip.

Oh, and while we here at Flashlight Worthy haven't read all the books on the list below, when it comes to the creepiest house ever encountered in a book? We agree that it has to be this book from Stephen King.

FLW Haunted Houses