Dog Ears Deserves To Be Heard: Holiday Edition

07/28/2010 02:31 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Dog Ears is the new music blog showcasing artists and music deserving to be heard. Legendary producer and 14 time Grammy winner Phil Ramone and recording artist Danielle Evin unearth a treasure chest of current, classic, undiscovered or rediscovered music on The Huffington Post.

Dog Ears hears music that others don't.

Holiday treats from our ears to your ears.

Donny Hathaway

2007-12-23-donnyhathaway.jpg As the years go on Donny Hathaway emerges as one of the great singer songwriters of the 20th century. When classics are written they find themselves on so many new collections. We play them over and over again. "This Christmas" was written by Donny Hathaway and Nadine McKinnor.

Genre: Soul
Artist: Donny Hathaway
Song: This Christmas
Album: A Donny Hathaway Collection 1970

John Lennon & Yoko Ono 2007-12-23-johnyoko.jpg John and Yoko get Phil Spector in the studio to create a holiday classic and another peace anthem, closing with the refrain "War is over if you want it". This is a "must have" for those who cherish Lennon's solo work and for those who still watch the holiday classic "It's A Wonderful Life". Recorded at Record Plant Studios in New York City in late October of 1971.

Genre: Rock
Artist: John Lennon & Yoko Ono
Song: Happy Christmas (War is Over)
Album: John & Yoko The Plastic Ono Band with the Harlem Community Choir
Producers: John Lennon, Yoko Ono and Phil Spector
Video: YouTube

Tom Waits 2007-12-23-tomwaits.jpg He is one of the most honest sounding artists around. My parents knew him when I was a teenager. I once babysat for his kids and I did not want to get paid. So instead, Mr. and Mrs. Waits kindly gave me a pair of suede boots. They were a perfect fit and I still have them. I have never worn them and I never will. Get "Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis" off of the album Blue Valentine.

Buy: iTunes
Genre: Experimental
Artist: Tom Waits
Song: Christmas Card From A Hooker in Minneapolis
Album: Blue Valentine 1978
Producer: Bones Howe
Video: YouTube

Wonderful Collections To Give As Gifts

The Beach Boys 2007-12-23-beachboys.jpg Pet Sounds was revolutionary and way ahead of its' time. After hearing Brian Wilson's arrangements and production The Beatles were so inspired they created Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. Brian Wilson was recently honored at the Kennedy Center on December 2nd. The gala will broadcast on CBS this Wednesday, Dec. 26 at 9pm (EST). Revisit this incredible album which includes "God Only Knows". Buy: Barnes & Noble Genre: Classic Pop Artist: The Beach Boys Song: God Only Knows Album: Pet Sounds Producer: Brian Wilson

Barbra Streisand 2007-12-23-barbra.jpg In August of 1967 there is to be a concert in Central Park. Assignment: make it sound incredible outdoors for approximately 10,000 people. The stage: a runway of plexiglass. The orchestra: nestled in the rocks. The challenge: a rainstorm, electricity, lights an extremely dangerous cocktail. The security has to be cut in half as there is a crisis at the U.N. Ms. Barbra, after finishing a day of filming Funny Girl in Hollywood, was rushed to an airplane heading to NYC to arrive for a 2AM lighting, camera and costume test. Then a tailgate from a truck accidentally cuts our audio cables. A crew of 26 of us had to rewire all the broken connections. The clock races suddenly. The August storm stops. Mops, brooms, lights cameras start up and some 200,000 people walk into The Sheep's Meadow. It made all of us mature rapidly. A proud moment and a true happening with Ms. Streisand's "incredible" performance.

Genre: Live Performance
Artist: Barbra Streisand
Song: Silent Night
DVD: A Happening in Central Park (1968) DVD
Video: YouTube

The Bridge School Collection 2007-12-23-bridgecollection.jpg Amazing artists, great music and a portion of the proceeds go to a great cause. Founded by Neil and Pegi Young, this non-profit organization is dedicated to helping children with speech and physical impairments. This full collection includes live performances by The Who, James Taylor, Bruce Springsteen, Lucinda Williams, John Mellencamp, John Lee Hooker and Mr. Neil Young himself just to name a few. For more information go to

Buy: iTunes (Volume 1), iTunes (Volume 2), iTunes (Volume 3)
Genre: Rock
Artist: Various Artists
Album: The Bridge School Collection