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Phil Simon
Phil Simon is a frequent keynote speaker and recognized technology expert. He is the award-winning author of seven management books, most recently Message Not Received: Why Business Communication Is Broken and How to Fix It. He consults organizations on matters related to communication, strategy, data, and technology. His contributions have been featured on The Harvard Business Review, CNN, NBC, CNBC, Inc. Magazine, BusinessWeek, The Huffington Post, Quartz, The New York Times, FoxNews, and many other sites.

Entries by Phil Simon

The Human Side of Business Communications: An Interview With Kathy Klotz-Guest

(0) Comments | Posted August 30, 2015 | 4:44 PM

Business communication is broken, but don't take my word for it. In May 2013, the PMI released its annual "Pulse of the Profession" report. Specifically, "$135 million is at risk for every $1 billion spent on a project. Further research on the importance of effective communications uncovers that a...

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When Email and Texting Are Insufficient: An Interview with the Phone Lady

(0) Comments | Posted August 24, 2015 | 8:25 PM

For Hillary Clinton, Emailgate just won't go away. Politics aside, I wonder why so many of us routinely rely upon email when a simple two-minute phone conversation would usually suffice. And voicemail? That's so 2010. Many have posited that it's on the verge of extinction.


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An Interview With Heart's Ann Wilson

(0) Comments | Posted August 4, 2015 | 9:16 AM

It's no understatement to call Heart rock-n-roll pioneers. Beginning in the 1970's, Ann and Nancy Wilson stormed the charts with hits like "Crazy on You," "Magic Man," "Straight On," "Barracuda," and many more. Heart has garnered four Grammy nominations and sold...

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Maintaining the Creative Edge: An Interview With Ben Lamm of Chaotic Moon

(0) Comments | Posted July 29, 2015 | 9:22 PM

I've known Ben Lamm for over five years. He runs Chaotic Moon, a really neat mobile-app-development shop that churns out some really innovative apps. I came across him while researching The New Small. Since that time, the company has exploded from three employees to more than 200. Clearly,...

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The Rise and Fall of the BlackBerry: An Interview with  Jacquie McNish and Sean Silcoff

(0) Comments | Posted July 2, 2015 | 10:45 PM

Odds are that, if you're of a certain age, you at one point owned a BlackBerry. (Odds are also great that you don't own one now.) The iconic device not too long ago defined ubiquitous, at least in the business world. Make no mistake: its legacy is alive and well. For my...

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An Employee-Referral Program on Steroids

(0) Comments | Posted May 20, 2015 | 12:49 AM

If you look back over the history of business, you'll see tremendous improvements in just about every area. In the 1980s and 1990s, for instance, Total Quality Management (TQM) was all the rage before giving way to Six Sigma and ISO 9000. Regardless of...

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The Internet of Things Is Coming to Light: An Interview with Corey Egan of Ilumi

(0) Comments | Posted May 18, 2015 | 12:08 AM

The Internet of Things is coming. Fast.

Companies like GE are betting billions on what it calls the Industrial Internet. For its part, Cisco is also betting big.

By 2020, expect a mind-boggling 30 billion devices to be connected to the Internet. We're talking...

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Have Smartphones Caused the Death of the In-Store Impulse Buy?

(1) Comments | Posted May 13, 2015 | 6:24 AM

In 2009, Freakonomics became a surprise nonfiction bestseller. Who would have thought that an economics book about disparate subjects such as bagels and realtors would have caused such a stir? The book was so popular that it spawned two successors, a popular podcast, and lucrative speaking engagements for its co-authors, Steven D....

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How to Stand Out: An Interview With Dorie Clark

(0) Comments | Posted April 21, 2015 | 9:28 AM

Ours is a very noisy world. The era of Big Data is here. Compared to even fifteen years ago, it's never been easier and less expensive to get your work out there. Rapid technological advances mean that just about anyone can produce a professional...

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Single Mom Redefines Women on Fire: An Interview with Krista Whitley

(2) Comments | Posted April 20, 2015 | 2:25 PM

Henry Ford once said, "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal."

Krista Whitley lives by those words.

Last year has been nothing short of inspirational. During that time, she has overcome challenges that would have foiled many others. In April 2014 over...

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Book Review: So You've Been Publicly Shamed

(0) Comments | Posted April 11, 2015 | 7:59 AM

For millennia, man has put his foot in his mouth. Twitter didn't invent the inappropriate joke and employees have ranted about their bosses long before Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook.

Nearly two centuries ago, public shaming (at least in the way of physical punishment) went the way of the Dodo. That's not to say that one's...

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How Publishers are Experimenting With New Distribution Methods

(0) Comments | Posted April 7, 2015 | 9:14 PM

As the author of seven books, I know a thing or two about publishing. For a long time now, brick-and-mortar bookstores have been disappearing at a rapid rate. This poses an enormous challenge facing today's writers in how to get their stories in front of potential customers -- a challenge...

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Has Email Become Too Convenient? Lessons From Emailgate

(0) Comments | Posted March 23, 2015 | 10:42 AM

Emailgate just won't go away for Hillary Clinton.

Why the continued scrutiny? There's no one single factor. (Is there ever?) Clinton is a polarizing political figure who maintains a high profile. (Click here for more on the "Hillary conundrum.")

Truth be told, however, Clinton is hardly the first...

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Not Your Father's Graffiti

(0) Comments | Posted March 16, 2015 | 8:11 AM

South by Southwest (SXSW) is in full swing. Every year, 150,000 musicians, techies, filmmakers, luminaries and generally curious folk descend upson Austin, Texas. "Southby" has exploded over the years, buoyed in part by iconic startup launches such as Twitter.

Over the years, the conference has tapped in to key consumer...

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Understanding Ian Mosley: An Interview With Mark Pardy

(0) Comments | Posted March 7, 2015 | 8:51 AM

There are benefits to writing for this site. Over the past few months, I've been able to interview some real-life rock stars, most recently drummers Neil Peart and Billy Kilson. While I possess zero drumming ability, I've always admired those who can make beautiful music by "hitting...

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Book Excerpt: Message Not Received

(0) Comments | Posted March 7, 2015 | 8:41 AM

Business communication is broken, and it's high time that we fix it. A glut of e-mail and jargon make it nearly impossible to understand what's going on in the workplace.

Fortunately, the solution is well within our means. By embracing simpler language and new, truly collaborative tools, we can make...

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Thoughts on the Future of Productivity: An Interview with Brent Frei

(1) Comments | Posted March 3, 2015 | 3:49 PM

Employees at both large and small organizations struggle to get work done more efficiently. Sure, cloud computing is here and many IT departments have loosened restrictions. More than ever, productivity apps are flooding organizations. If it seems like there's an app for everything these days, you're right. What's the perfect...

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Hand. Cannot. Erase. -- An Interview With Steven Wilson

(4) Comments | Posted March 1, 2015 | 8:36 AM

Steven Wilson is at it again. The critically acclaimed and über-prolific musician and producer has released his fourth proper solo album. His body of work is beyond impressive, especially when you factor in the albums he has remixed.

His latest effort...

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New Solutions to Old Problems

(0) Comments | Posted February 23, 2015 | 11:45 AM

Mario Andretti once said, "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough."

It's one of my favorite quotes, and its business applications run the gamut. Put differently, safe is the new risky. Companies that cling to legacy business models, technologies, and mind-sets have always run the risk of...

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How Developers Are Using New Platforms to Innovate

(0) Comments | Posted February 10, 2015 | 11:31 AM

Go to any tech conference these days and you are likely to hear plenty of talk about platforms, software development kits (SDKs), and application programming interfaces (APIs). The general theory is that companies can realize significant benefits when external developers take their products and services in...

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