11/22/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Should Fundamentalists be Allowed to Vote?

Foreigners aren't allowed to vote in American elections because they have no allegiance to our nation--no stake in its betterment. But how much allegiance can we expect from fundamentalists, awaiting the Rapture? They have no stake in improving the lot of the United States or its people. For them, the sooner things fall apart the better. They believe they're all going to be whisked up to Cloud Nine any day, leaving their clothes and the rest of us here to cope with our nation's problems. (Talk about elitism!) They have no stake in world peace because they're anxious for Armageddon. They have no stake in protecting our environment because they see the world as just a 'vale of tears', worthy of being trashed (isn't this a rather blasphemous way to describe, and treat, God's Creation?). They have no stake in anything except their own narcissistic desire to get into heaven.

But if these people have no stake in the future of America, why should they be allowed to vote? Aren't they inherently motivated to vote for the worst possible candidate--the one they believe will hasten the Final Days?

We can see this motivation clearly in the fact that they're solidly behind John McCain. Given a chance to choose a brilliant, compassionate, level-headed leader, a self-made man who created an efficient, smooth-running organization, ran a flawless campaign, energized millions of youth to take action on his behalf, they decided instead to opt for an underachieving rich boy who ran a disorganized, inconsistent campaign, and made a series of rash, ill-considered decisions that backfired on him.

These are difficult times for America. We've lost influence and respect all over the world, our economy is in a shambles, our infrastructure deteriorating, and we're becoming also-rans in health, education, personal income, and most other measures of a society's value. At such a time real leadership is needed. We're not voting for American Idol, or our favorite movie star. We're electing a leader. We want someone competent to run the nation during this crisis.

Fundamentalists are solidly behind McCain because they're trying to hasten what they believe will be the Second Coming, and to achieve that they're perfectly happy to see America go down. Are these the people we want deciding the future of our nation?

(To see what the future really has in store, check my website for information about my new book THE CHRYSALIS EFFECT: THE METAMORPHOSIS OF GLOBAL CULTURE).

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