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From Where I Sit: Shaq Cut From Different Cloth

Posted June 5, 2011 | 20:33:50 (EST)

By Ron Opher
Originally posted at

Back in February 1999, I had the pleasure of listening to a keynote address by former LSU coach Dale Brown, who had retired two years prior. Brown...

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10 Reasons to Root for Michael Vick

Posted January 7, 2011 | 16:00:00 (EST)

As an animal lover, Joan Dowlin once thought she could never forgive Michael Vick. But she's had a change of heart. Here are her 10 reasons she's rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles' starting quarterback as the team begins its playoff quest:

Michael Vick has been in the national spotlight a...

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City of Brother-Lee Love

Posted December 21, 2010 | 14:42:22 (EST)

By Joan Dowlin

Everyone in the sports world was shocked early Tuesday by the announcement that pitcher Cliff Lee, the most sought after free agent pitcher this off-season, is going back to the Philadelphia Phillies. That is everyone except for those that have played for the Phils for the last...

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The Army-Navy Game: Transcending Sports and Politics

Posted December 9, 2010 | 11:23:02 (EST)

By Joan Dowlin

I am a liberal Democrat who is opposed to the War in Afghanistan, was against the War in Iraq, and protested against the Vietnam War years ago. I guess you could call me a pacifist. But I love watching the Army-Navy game.

I fill up with...

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