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The VDay Detox: 7 Healthy Weeknight Dinners for Two

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Sometimes it's our significant other that feeds our bad eating habits. Since Valentine's Day comes along so close to the New Year, I think it can be a nice to time to check-in and set intentions for your relationship. For those of you who add some sort of healthy eating resolution to your list every year, this might be the time to make a pact together on how you're actually going to make good on those promises. You might not have actually managed to have this conversation on the night itself, in between bites of truffles. But now that the night of celebrating sweets is behind us, why not take the opportunity to detox?

In the spirit of spending quality time together over food that makes your heart and body feel fulfilled, I put together some easy healthy weeknight meals that will be perfect to incorporate into your repertoire, now that chocolate, steak, and cheese has been successfully inhaled.

--Phoebe Lapine of Feed Me Phoebe

7 Healthy Weeknight Dinners for Two
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