Astrology Now: Relationships, Projects Coming to a Head

02/01/2012 08:21 am ET | Updated Apr 02, 2012

This can be a high-urgency week wherein many matters come to a head -- or at least attempt to come to a head. Relationships can experience feisty stand-offs. Business activities can have a "This needs to get done -- now!" pushy drive. Many can have a feeling that if something doesn't happen now it never will. But don't worry.

Fact is, a lot of what we are doing now may cycle back to be reviewed or refined over the coming few months. You don't have to have everything figured out right now. You'll have plenty of time to tweak matters in your life and relationships so they work better for all concerned.

Relationships can be particularly volatile this week, especially on Wednesday. Venus and Mars are opposing one another, which can intensify irritability and opposing intentions. Angers can flair more easily. Avoid ultimatums as they could cause unnecessary separations. And try not to burn bridges, either. You may find that later on this year you come face to face with the very person you thought you were rid of.

Instead, use this week to consider other people's points of view. Ask yourself what you could do to bring healing and compassion to the very issue that irks you. In that way you are not only taking the higher ground, you might sow seeds for good relationship successes later on.

Bottom line: This is a time of action, but not finality. Whatever takes place these weeks serves as steps toward the finish line, not necessarily to the finish line itself. Watch your temper and avoid being reactive, lest you create extra problems. Holding an intention to serve and extending compassion to yourself and others is the best way to navigate this week.

If something you've been working toward stops, changes direction or simply falls away, look around -- there might be a better route opening to you.

Ask your astrologer how this, along with the other powerful energies of 2012 will affect you personally. (I'd love to be your astrologer!)

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