05/01/2012 08:01 am ET Updated Jul 01, 2012

Astrology Now: It's a Fruitful Time in 2012!

Good news! A special planetary configuration is bringing a fertile field for us to build something solid in our lives through the entire month of May. Financial matters can perk up, fortunate opportunities can materialize and resources can flourish. This is especially due to the sun and Jupiter transiting the money sign of Taurus. I'm calling it "The Taurus Growth Spurt."

Expansion can happen in a few areas of your life now. Fortunate vibes are especially strong for Taurus. Virgos and Capricorns can also enjoy special growth. Pisces and Cancers can find life gets easier. Aries and Geminis can experience welcome support. Scorpios are expanding, especially through their relationships. Aquarians, Leos, Sagittarians and Libras will experience this growth spurt, too, but it might happen in a way that calls for them to make an adjustment.

Read below for even more info about how "The Taurus Growth Spurt" will affect your sun sign.

Because many planets are in earth signs, this expansion will have a practical make-it-work quality to it. Determined effort might be necessary, but fruitful results are likely. Investments, real estate, and other bank account-enriching endeavors should be on the rise.

Allow yourself to be flexible. The energies of Jupiter tend to get us to "stretch" a bit. As expansion-oriented as these energies are, they aren't always comfortable. You might need to make some adjustments or crack out of old shells in order to move ahead. Sometimes Jupiter will make a problem bigger if it isn't addressed it in a way that is truly for your growth and upliftment. If an issue does get exacerbated look to see how you can address it with greater self-value. One of the most precious things you could cultivate this May is greater self-worth!

Ask your astrologer how this will bring growth and expansion to your life.

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Phyllis F. Mitz, M.A. is an astrologer in private practice.

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Here's where your sun sign might experience the "Taurus Growth Spurt": Financial matters might improve here. Fortunate endeavors are likely here. Bottom line: Here's where you might experience an increase in value, (including self-value!) through May.