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April 23, 2014

Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy, University of California at Berkeley; author, 'Beyond Outrage'

Raising Taxes on Corporations That Pay Their CEOs Royally and Treat Their Workers Like Serfs

Inequality Jacob Kornbluth

For the last thirty years, almost all the incentives operating on companies have been to lower the pay of their workers while increasing the pay of their CEOs and other top executives. It's about time some incentives were applied in the other direction.

State Republicans Advance Effort To Impeach Governor

Missouri Gov Jay Nixon

Trump Found The Most Random Thing To Complain About When It Comes To Obama

Donald Trump

Polls Find Close Races For 4 Crucial Senate Seats

Mitch Mcconnell
Tom Williams via Getty Images

RNC Chairman Slams Reid As 'Dirty' And 'Unethical'

Win McNamee via Getty Images

W.Va. Secretary Of State Accuses Koch-Backed Group Of 'Misleading' Voters

Natalie Tennant
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

OUCH: Christie Slams Letterman

Chris Christie
NICHOLAS KAMM via Getty Images

Brewer Vetoes Bill Allowing Guns In Public Buildings

Jan Brewer

Wall Street, War Hawks Fund Rival To Only Anti-War, Anti-Wall Street Republican

Walter Jones Taylor Griffin
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Obama's 'War On Coal' Is About To Save Coal Miners' Lives

Barack Obama Thumb Up
SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Chelsea Manning Granted Name Change Request

Chelsea Manning

Letter Reveals Another Turn In Christie Scandal

Dawn Zimmer
Neilson Barnard via Getty Images

Liberal Mega-Backer Rejects Koch Comparison

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Do You Know Why The U.S. Is Actually The Worst?

Uncle Sam
Peter Gridley via Getty Images

There Is One Campaign Finance Regulation That Rand Paul Supports

Rand Paul
Bill Clark via Getty Images

DOJ Gears Up For Massive Obama Clemency Push

Drugs Prison
aurumarcus via Getty Images

Warren On Whether Women Are Treated Differently Than Men In Washington: 'Yep.'

Elizabeth Warren
SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Obama Eats At One Of The World's Best Sushi Restaurants

Barack Obama
JIM WATSON via Getty Images

Julian Assange Punches Out Priest On Easter Sunday

Julian Assange Boxing
Fitzgibbon Media

Rand Paul Used To Bad-Mouth Reagan All The Time

Rand Paul

Progressive Senate Campaign Targets Republicans In Key Races

Mitch Mcconnell
Win McNamee via Getty Images

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Jimmy Fallon Learns The Hard Way That You Don't Mess With Hillary Clinton

Jimmy Fallon
NBC via Getty Images

Rachel Maddow Proves '7-11' Claim So, Incredibly Wrong

Maddow Cardinal

Scalia Seems Confused By HBO

Antonin Scalia
Paul Morigi via Getty Images

State's Affirmative Action Bill Sparks Pushback From Asian-Americans

Ed Hernandez

Federal Judge To Hear Case On State's Voter-Approved Gay Marriage Ban

Oregon Capitol Salem
Jordan McAlister via Getty Images

CHANGING TUNE: 'This Is Not Your Grandfather's NRA'

Wayne Lapierre

Republican Who Once Said Elected Officials Should Be 'Held To A Higher Standard' Arrested

Dane Eagle
Meredith Geddings/Florida House

Michelle Obama Announcing Jobs Website For Veterans

Michelle Obama

Clay Aiken's 'Invisible' Presence On Presidential Committee Questioned

Raleigh News & Observer via Getty Images