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April 23, 2014

Executive Director, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Is Cliven Bundy the New NRA Poster Child?

The armed gathering of pro-gun activists, anti-government groups and right-wing-politicians at Bundy's ranch did not happen in a political vacuum.

State Republicans Advance Effort To Impeach Governor

Missouri Gov Jay Nixon

Rand Paul: GOP 'May Have Over-Emphasized' Voter Fraud Fears

Darren McCollester via Getty Images

Trump Found The Most Random Thing To Complain About When It Comes To Obama

Donald Trump

GOP Lawyers Keep Silent On Republican Governors' Attack

Chris Christie

Democrat Hammers Paul Ryan On Racial ‘Ignorance'

Emanuel Cleaver
Alex Wong via Getty Images

GOP Gov Signs 20-Week Abortion Ban

Phil Bryant
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Jeb Bush Admits That He's 'Thinking About Running For President'

Jeb Bush
Bloomberg via Getty Images

OUCH: Christie Slams Letterman

Chris Christie
NICHOLAS KAMM via Getty Images

Senator In Recovery Following Emergency Heart Surgery

John Boozman
Tom Williams via Getty Images

Gov Signs 'Unprecedented' Gun Rights Bill

Nathan Deal
Davis Turner via Getty Images

This Spy Plane Outlasted The Cold War, But Defense Cuts Are Threatening Its Future

U2 Spy Plane Cold War
Sovfoto via Getty Images

Boogeymen And Shady Deals Define Spin For Senate

David Koch

Chelsea Manning Gives A Statement On Her Legal Name Change

Alicia Neal

Judge Dismisses Case Against Blackwater Defendant

Chris Ryan via Getty Images

Rand Paul Used To Bad-Mouth Reagan All The Time

Rand Paul

Polls Find Close Races For 4 Crucial Senate Seats

Mitch Mcconnell
Tom Williams via Getty Images

RNC Chairman Slams Reid As 'Dirty' And 'Unethical'

Win McNamee via Getty Images

Obama's 'War On Coal' Is About To Save Coal Miners' Lives

Barack Obama Thumb Up
SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Schools Need To Be Prepared To Defend Against More Than Just Shootings, Say Experts

Alex Hribal

Brewer Vetoes Bill Allowing Guns In Public Buildings

Jan Brewer

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Letter Reveals Another Turn In Christie Scandal

Dawn Zimmer
Neilson Barnard via Getty Images

Rachel Maddow Proves '7-11' Claim So, Incredibly Wrong

Maddow Cardinal

W.Va. Secretary Of State Accuses Koch-Backed Group Of 'Misleading' Voters

Natalie Tennant
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

Wall Street, War Hawks Fund Rival To Only Anti-War, Anti-Wall Street Republican

Walter Jones Taylor Griffin
Bill Clark via Getty Images

State's Affirmative Action Bill Sparks Pushback From Asian-Americans

Ed Hernandez

Do You Know Why The U.S. Is Actually The Worst?

Uncle Sam
Peter Gridley via Getty Images

DOJ Gears Up For Massive Obama Clemency Push

Drugs Prison
aurumarcus via Getty Images

Michelle Obama Announcing Jobs Website For Veterans

Michelle Obama

Federal Judge To Hear Case On State's Voter-Approved Gay Marriage Ban

Oregon Capitol Salem
Jordan McAlister via Getty Images