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May 28, 2015

Is TPP the Most Progressive Trade Agreement in History? Not If You Need Access to Affordable Medicines

The May 10th Agreement struck the right balance between the need to promote innovation and the need to protect public health. TPP must meet the standards set in the May 10th Agreement. Right now, it does not.

GOP Senator At War With 'The Lego Movie'

Ron Johnson
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

Warren Agrees With Limbaugh On Trade, And No One's More Surprised Than She

Elizabeth Warren
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Rick Santorum 'Sickened' By Duggar Molestation Revelations

Rick Santorum
Scott Olson via Getty Images

U.S. Judge Grills Lawyer Defending Obama's Health Care Law Changes

Supreme Court Justices
Alex Wong via Getty Images

'Fox & Friends' Hosts Seem Determined To Prove Hillary Clinton Fakes A Southern Accent

Hillary Clinton South Carolina
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Obama Visits Miami Shrine In Nod To Cuban Americans

Barack Obama
NICHOLAS KAMM via Getty Images

Bernie Sanders Exaggerates Claim About Income Inequality

Bernie Sanders
Win McNamee via Getty Images

UNC-Chapel Hill Decides It Shouldn't Have A Building Named For A KKK Leader

Unc Campus

Inside AIPAC's Quiet Campaign To Blur Israeli Settlement Lines

West Bank Settlement
JAAFAR ASHTIYEH via Getty Images

Obama Visits Family Of Steven Sotloff, Journalist Beheaded By Islamic State

Obama Sotloff
Pool via Getty Images

Measure That Would Allow Officials To Refuse To Perform Gay Marriages Goes To Governor's Desk

Pat Mccrory

Here's When Trevor Noah Will Take Over 'The Daily Show'

Daily Show Trevor
Comedy Central

Listen To Barney Frank School Us All On The History Of LGBT Rights

Barney Frank

Scarborough: Santorum Has 'Best Message'

Joe Santorum

New Flood Warning For Texas, Where Storms Have Killed At Least 16

Texas Flooding
Eric Kayne via Getty Images

Progressive Groups Call On Obama Official To Disclose Communications With Wall Street Banks

Pool via Getty Images

Anti-Legalization Group Calls For Medical Marijuana Research Overhaul

Medical Marijuana
OLIVER BERG via Getty Images

'Undecided' Still Winning The Republican Primary Race

2016 Republicans Rubio

77 Things That Are Cooler Than A Mandatory Ultrasound

Cool Dude

How San Francisco Is Helping Give Ex-Offenders A Better Shot

San Francisco Tenderloin

FBI Says It's Investigating Identity Theft At IRS

John Koskinen
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

U.S. Anti-Legalization Group Urges More Access To Marijuana Research

George Pataki Announces Presidential Run

Scott Olson via Getty Images

Here's The Case For Abolishing Immigrant Detention

Immigrant Detention
John Moore via Getty Images


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Rand Paul Says Crime Is A 'Spiritual Problem'

Rand Paul Chicago

Dan Savage Wants To Give 'Duggar' The 'Santorum' Treatment

GOP's Big Government Welfare Reforms Explained

Sam Brownback
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

Your Margarita Could Get A Lot Cheaper, Thanks To A Proposed Liquor Tax Bill

Liquor Tax Bill

Rick Santorum Uses His 404 Page To Skewer Hillary Clinton

Rick Santorum
Scott Olson via Getty Images

Senators Visit Cuba To Drum Up More Support For Ending U.S. Travel Ban

Havana Cuba
YAMIL LAGE via Getty Images

Republicans Are Fine With Capping Their Debates At 10 Candidates

Republican Candidates

Let's Not Forget About Rick Santorum's Thoughts On Sex

Rick Santorum
Laura Segall via Getty Images

Why Baltimore Blew Up

Baltimore Protest Freddie Gray Police

Check Out Jimmy John's Ridiculous Dress Code

Jimmy John's

City Official Who Planned Sexist Training Resigns

Women Senators

Conservative State Senator Has Made Some Real Progress In Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Allen Peake

Here's How Many People In Each State May Not Be Able To Afford Insurance If SCOTUS Rules Against Obamacare

Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling
Shutterstock/Dave Newman