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August 30, 2014
Electoral Outlook

The Myth of a Post-Racial America

American Flag Simon Willms via Getty Images

The election of Barack Obama was the Lexington and Concord in the latest great battle of race in America. We are a nation at war with itself. For all of our desire to move beyond the narrow confines of many of the events of our tragic history, we cannot. The president's election gave new life to what had been lying dangerously dormant for the better part of 50 years.

Federal Judge Blocks Harsh Texas Abortion Restricitions

Rick Perry Abortion
Stewart F. House via Getty Images

Mitch McConnell's Campaign Manager To Resign Amid Bribery Scandal

Mitch Mcconnell

Judge Throws Out Lawsuit Challenging Thad Cochran Victory

Chris Mcdaniel
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Texas National Guard Troops At Border Can't Afford Food

Texas National Guard Border

GOP Rep Says He Voted To Reauthorize Violence Against Women Act, Leaves Out Key Detail

Bill Clark via Getty Images

Cop Who Threatened Ferguson Protestors Resigns


Republican Congressman: Obama Is 'Commendably Cautious' On Syria

Tom Cole And Chuck Todd
MSNBC/The Daily Rundown

Americans Believe Paid Vacation Should Be A Worker's Right

Beach Umbrella
Jodie Griggs via Getty Images

Ferguson Protests Reach White House Doorstep

White House Ferguson
Alex Wong via Getty Images

Marines Deactivate Decorated 'Walking Dead' Unit

United States Marines
Scott Cunningham via Getty Images

Obama Reportedly Considering Delay To Immigration Executive Action

Detention Facility Immigrant
John Moore via Getty Images

Feds Are Increasing Their Marijuana Growth Because Of Cannabinoid Research

Medical Marijuana
OLIVER BERG via Getty Images

White House: No Change To U.S. Terror Threat Level

Josh Earnest
Win McNamee via Getty Images

Warren Defends Israeli Shelling of Gaza Schools, Hospitals

Elizabeth Warren

Paul Ryan Tries To Boost Slow Book Sales By Guest-Hosting Hannity's Show

Paul Ryan
Tom Williams via Getty Images

Military: Pilot Found Dead After Virginia F-15 Crash

James Keefe

U.S. Sanctions Those Suspected Of Aiding Iran

David Cohen
Peter Macdiarmid via Getty Images

Top Aide To Mitch McConnell Linked To Shady Deal


Rick Perry Slams Obama For 'No Strategy' On Syria

Rick Perry
Scott Eisen via Getty Images

Hillary Clinton Breaks Silence On Ferguson

Hillary Clinton

Pentagon: Iraq Operations Cost $560 Million So Far

Iraq Airstrike
AHMAD AL-RUBAYE via Getty Images

Most Americans Now Support Airstrikes In Syria, Poll Shows

SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Obama: 'Russia Is Responsible For The Violence In Eastern Ukraine'

Barack Obama
Sara D. Davis via Getty Images

Why Obama Backed Off More ISIS Strikes

Barack Obama
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Republican Governor Agrees To Expand Medicaid For Low-Income Residents In Pennsylvania

Governor Corbett
Bloomberg via Getty Images

UK Raises Threat Level Due To ISIS

David Cameron
Danny Lawson/PA Wire

In Ferguson, A Sense Of Normalcy Returns To A City Still On Edge

Ferguson Protests
Ryan J. Reilly/The Huffington Post

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Outside Chiefs Called To Help Ferguson Police 'Make Better Decisions'

Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

James Foley Was Tortured By ISIS Militants Using CIA Techniques

James Foley

Jon Stewart Unveils 'Rosewater' Clips Featuring Jason Jones

Jon Stewart Rosewater Jason Jones
Comedy Central

Obama Interrupts Weekend Trip To Return To D.C.

MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

California Legislature Passes 'Yes Means Yes' Standard For College Sexual Assault Policies

California Capitol
Getty Images/Tetra images RF

A Growing Minority Of Americans Think We're Too Isolationist


2016 GOP Hopefuls Vie For Attention In Texas

Ted Cruz
Fort Worth Star-Telegram via Getty Images

Obama vs. Bush: Who Took More Presidential Vacations?

George W Bush Obama
SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Florida Democrats Rally Around Charlie Crist

Charlie Crist
Larry Marano via Getty Images


Mitch Mcconnell Obama
Bloomberg via Getty Images

McConnell: 'I Am The Guy That Gets Us Out Of Shutdowns'

Michael Brown Shooting Audio Accurate, Company Says

Scott Olson via Getty Images

Chuck Todd Asks Priebus If GOP Has 'Too Many Crazy White Guys'

Chuck Todd

Lawsuit Claims Police Brutality At Ferguson Protests

Ferguson Police