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October 24, 2014

Does Turkey Fear the Kurds More Than ISIL?

Turkey Kurds Isis Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Part of the problem is that the U.S. has made the Kurds the centerpiece of its strategy to defeat ISIL in Syria, which Turkey fears will empower and strengthen Kurdish elements that want to overthrow the Turkish state.

NYC Doctor Tests Positive For Ebola

Craig Spencer Ebola
Bryan Thomas via Getty Images

Scott Brown And Jeanne Shaheen Get Testy In Debate

New Hampshire Senate Race

First Ebola Case Confirmed In Mali

Photo Researchers via Getty Images

Student Who Stood Up To GOP Congressman Says He Was Shocked By Homophobic Remark

Don Young Alaska
Tom Williams via Getty Images

Trump Rips 'Reckless' NYC Ebola Doc, Demands Obama Resign

Donald Trump
Paul Morigi via Getty Images

Grimes Ad Misses The Mark On McConnell

Alison Lundergan Grimes

The Great Kansas Tea Party Disaster

Douglas Graham via Getty Images

Ann Coulter Shut Down Sean Hannity

Lewinsky Hannity
Ann Coulter

Republican Governors Might Save The Democratic Senate


You've Never Heard Of Darrell Issa's Next Scandal Circus

Darrell Issa
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

#TBT: Brown Lists Massachusetts As Employer In N.H. Campaign Filing

Scott Brown Hampshire
Darren McCollester via Getty Images

In Colorado's First All-Mail Election, Voters Are Being Hassled Like Never Before


Fake Morgan Freeman Rides Again In Another Campaign Ad

Jeff Mccormick Morgan Freeman
Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

CIA Snooping No Big Deal, Key Republican Senator Suggests

Richard Burr
Tom Williams via Getty Images

Marijuana Industry Would Be Worth A Fortune Under Full Legalization

Marijuana Legalization
MARTIN BERNETTI via Getty Images

With Senate At Stake, Dems Angry At Colleagues For Sitting On Cash

Durbin Schumer Reid
Tom Williams via Getty Images

Same-Sex Couples Are Now Allowed To Adopt In Utah

Utah State Capitol

Republican Congressman Is Unaware There Is No Surgeon General To Head Ebola Response

The Washington Post via Getty Images

Gingrich, Jay-Z Find Common Cause In A Prison Reform Proposition

Newt Gingrich

Koch Brothers Fund Group That Contradicts Their Ideology

Koch Brothers Gay Marriage

Americans Think Debates Are Important, But That Doesn't Mean They're Watching Them

Rick Scott

Breitbart Reporter Says He Was Thrown Out Of Jeanne Shaheen Event

Senator Jeanne Shaheen
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Colorado School District Sued For Promoting Christian Groups' Proselytizing Efforts

Teacher Students
Catherine Ledner via Getty Images

Sarah Palin Snubs Former Lt. Governor In Re-election Bid

Sarah Palin
Hyoung Chang via Getty Images

Joni Ernst And The Shifting Politics Of Avoidance

Joni Ernst Skips Editorial Boards
David Greedy via Getty Images

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Bipartisan Organizations Meet To Figure Out What To Do Now That Bipartisanship Is Dead

Obama Congressional Leaders
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Muslim Woman Asks Local Wisconsin Official About Buses, Gets Grilled About Sharia Law

Chris Wery
Fox 11

Bruce Braley Is Pretty Sure You Haven't Heard Of A Potluck Dinner

Bruce Braley
The Washington Post via Getty Images

5 Things About Slavery You Probably Didn't Learn In Social Studies

Slave Father
Library Of Congress

State Fights To Take Voting Site Away From Pesky College Kids

Pat Mccrory
Jeff Siner/Charlotte Observer/MCT via Getty Images

Americans Are Really Confused About Which African Countries Have Ebola

David Santiago Garcia via Getty Images

George Will Supports Helping People Who Are 'Real Rape' Victims

George Will Miami
Facebook: WGS at MU

Michelle Obama Rallies Voters In Key Senate Race

Michelle Obama
Helen H. Richardson via Getty Images

GOP House Candidate Plagiarized Floor Speech On Same-Sex Marriage

Marilinda Garcia
Bill Clark via Getty Images

ACLU: Law Limiting Sex Offender Housing Could Hurt Kids, Too

Railroad Tracks
Takashi Kitajima via Getty Images

Jeb Bush Campaigns With Nikki Haley

Bush Haley

Darren Wilson's Lawyers Say They're Not Responsible For Leaks

Michael Brown Autopsy