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September 19, 2014

Obama Is Wrong That ISIS Is 'Not Islamic'

455594016 Joe Raedle via Getty Images

ISIS, in short, is as Wahhabist -- or more so -- as the Saudi King, Abdullah. There is here, surely, a delicious irony in Obama and Kerry taking upon their shoulders the task of seeking the "delegitimization" of the very doctrine from which the Saudi kingdom is derived. The only upholder of "true Islam" and custodian of Mecca happens to share the "same" Islam as ISIS. How can King Abdullah then denounce it?

GOP Gives Kay Hagan A Taste Of Her Own Medicine

Kay Hagan
Tom Williams via Getty Images

Ex-Governor Convicted Of New Crimes

Connecticut John Rowland
Bob Falcetti via Getty Images

Boehner Finally Says What He's Been Thinking About The Unemployed

John Boehner
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

Maddow: Congress Has Reached A 'Repulsive' New Low

Maddow Congress

Dems Don't Represent Women Like Us, Immigrant Advocates Say

Akbar Shahid Ahmed

Here's Why Ted Cruz's Plan For Destroying ISIS Is Ridiculous

Ted Cruz
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Sarah Palin Defends Family After Alleged Brawl

Sarah Palin
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Senator Hits CIA Chief On 'Culture Of Misinformation'

John Brennan
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Obama Sent Joan Rivers' Family A Beautiful Handwritten Condolence Letter

Joan Rivers
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

This Guy Is Running For The Senate Just To Make The World More Anti-Semitic, Racist

Ransdell campaign ad/YouTube

She Goes To Get Her Driver's License And Learns A Life-Changing Secret

YouTube: NYTVF

Dem Slams GOP Opponent For Wavering On Roger Goodell

Martha Coakley
Boston Globe via Getty Images

Student Editor Punished After Refusing To Print The Name Of Washington's Football Team

SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Clay Aiken Thinks Jennifer Lawrence Deserved To Get Nude Pictures Stolen

Jennifer Lawrence
Arthur Mola/Invision/AP

Here's The State With The Highest Jobless Rate In The Nation

Georgia State Capitol
RobHainer via Getty Images

City Might Outlaw Catcalling

Heel On Pavement
Brian Stablyk via Getty Images

Lawmakers Try To Save Science Funding Amid Rush To Restore Defense Spending

Rosa Delauro
Allison Shelley via Getty Images

Racism Is A Lot Less Fun When Your Kids Make Fun Of Your Dumb Racist Club


CIA Halts Spying In Europe

Angela Merkel

Obama Speaks On The 'Nightmare' That Is Campus Sexual Assault

Barack Obama
Win McNamee via Getty Images

1 In 4 Americans Open To Secession

Barack Obama
Pool via Getty Images

How Jon Hamm Is Helping The White House Fight A Big Problem

Jon Hamm
Kevork Djansezian/NBC via Getty Images

Obama Weighs In On Scottish Independence Vote

Barack Obama
JIM WATSON via Getty Images

Fake Tweets Stir Debate About Parody, Lawsuit

rvlsoft via Getty Images

Biden: Young Men Need To Stand Against Violence

Joe Biden
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

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This City May Be The First To Give Out Free HIV-Prevention Pills

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Peyton Manning Is Happy About Legalized Weed

Radio Host: Dems 'Have Sought To Enslave The Poor To The New Plantation'

Ray Richards
Portland Press Herald/Getty Images I

McConnell Fires Back At Grimes

Mitch Mcconnell

Dem Drops Campaign Consultant After He Self-Plagiarizes In Jobs Plan


Government Nutrition Program's Problems Driving Some Low-Income Women Away

Woman And Child Shadow
Robert Decelis Ltd via Getty Images

'I Am Embarrassed To Be Scottish'

Yes Campaginer

Yes Voters Sad After Major Defeat

Federal Bridgegate Investigation Finds No Link To Christie: Report

Chris Christie
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Salmond Quits As Scottish First Minister After Referendum Defeat

Alex Salmond

What You Need To Know About That 'Nerd Fight'

Martin Barraud via Getty Images

Scots Say No


Nation's Capital Poised To Legalize Weed

Smoking Marijuana

Green Groups Announce Ad Buy Against Iowa Republican Joni Ernst

Joni Ernst
Tom Williams via Getty Images