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January 29, 2015

In the Bully Pulpit: 'It's the Right Thing to Do.'

Obama State Of The Union SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Strangely, given the importance of public opinion to successful governing, there has been little work done on the impact of how leaders frame and justify their decisions. Two psychological scientists at Berkeley's Haas School of Business are trying to change that.

Senate Approves Keystone XL Bill

Mark Wilson via Getty Images

White House Reaffirms Veto Threat

A Former Senator Just Dealt A Serious Blow To The Legal Case Against Obamacare

Ben Nelson
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Maddow Goes On Letterman To Laugh At Potential 2016 Candidates

Maddow Palin

Anti-Abortion Lawmaker Makes Argument For Abortion Rights

State House

Hot Hot 2016 Scoop: Clinton Might Wait To Do Some Stuff, Say Random People

Hillary Clinton 2016

DHS Secretary Urges Congress To Stop Using His Agency's Budget As A 'Political Football'

Jeh Johnson

Bill O'Reilly And Sarah Palin Are Really Not Happy With Each Other

Bill Oreilly Fox News
Donna Svennevik via Getty Images

Anti-LGBT Group Funding RNC Trip To Israel Comes Under Scrutiny


Obama Budget To Call For $1 Billion For Central America

Barack Obama
NICHOLAS KAMM via Getty Images

Texas Executes Man With IQ Of 67

Robert Ladd Texas

States With Most Gun Deaths Have High Gun Ownership And Weaker Gun Laws, Report Shows

gibgalich via Getty Images

McCain Slams Protesters As 'Low-Life Scum'

John Mccain
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

Here's How Fast The Marijuana Industry Is Growing, In 5 Charts

Marijuana Smiling
JOSE CABEZAS via Getty Images

Gov. Mike Pence Cancels Plans To Launch News Outlet

Mike Pence

Lindsey Graham Explores 2016 GOP Presidential Run

Lindsey Graham
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Who Said It: Mitt Romney Or Elizabeth Warren?

Mitt Romney
Bill Pugliano via Getty Images

Idaho Republicans Reject Gay Rights Measure

Idaho Capitol
Ned Dishman via Getty Images

Al Franken Brings 'You Didn't Build That' To Fracking Boomers

Al Franken
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Texas Muslim Capitol Day Tainted By Anti-Islam Protesters, Lawmaker

Texas Statehouse
Alena Yakusheva via Getty Images

The Biggest Check On U.S. Investment In Afghanistan Just Got Classified

Afghanistan Troop
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Does Your Member Of Congress Believe In Paid Maternity And Paternity Leave?

Congress Dome
Win McNamee via Getty Images

American Politics Has A Bigger Koch Problem Than Ever Before

Nightly Show Koch Brothers
Comedy Central

U.S. Government Takes Unprecedented Action Against Revenge Porn

Rahm Emanuel's Biggest Threat: 'I Like The Idea Of A Fight'

Chuy Rahm

Proposed State Law Would Fine Educators For Teaching About Socialism Before American History

Earl Ray Tomblin


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Megyn Kelly Has News For Huckabee About 'Trashy' Women In The Workplace

Megyn Huckabee
Fox News

White House Drops The Hammer On Netanyahu


Obama Wants To End The Era Of Sequestration

Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Dem Rep: Boehner, Cancel Netanyahu's Address To Congress

Earl Blumenauer
Tom Williams via Getty Images

GOP Senator Says DOJ Challenge To His Voting Law Is A Waste

Thom Tillis
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Step Aside, Steve King: Meet The Right's Most Powerful Immigration Foe

Steve King
Scott Olson via Getty Images

Economic Recovery Seen As Mostly Helping The Rich

Obama Economy

The Re-Re-Rebranding Of Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney
Sandy Huffaker via Getty Images

Jon Stewart Introduces Your Next President

Daily Show Campaign Finance
Comedy Central

Tommy Chong On The Drug War: 'We Won, We Totally Won'