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January 26, 2015

A Break in the Greek Tragedy

Europe should count itself lucky that a leftwing anti-austerity party won the Greek elections, swept into office by citizens who've had enough. Elsewhere in Europe, seven years of stupid, punitive, and self-defeating austerity policies have led to gains by the far right.

Conservatives In Iowa Would Rather Not Talk About Gay Marriage

Ted Cruz
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Sarah Palin's Bizarre Speech Gets Thanks -- From Democrats

Sarah Palin

Report: Legal Weed Is The Fastest-Growing Industry In The U.S.

Smoking Marijuana

Device, Possibly Aerial Drone, Found On White House Grounds

White House

Trail To The Chief: Ultra-Premature VP Edition

Joe Biden Sunglasses

John Boehner Reveals How He Survives The State Of The Union

John Boehner State Of The Union
Pool via Getty Images

Trio Of GOP Presidential Hopefuls Pan Romney 3.0, Talk Income Inequality

Ted Cruz Marco Rubio
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Inside Hillary Clinton's 2016 Plan

Lisa Lake via Getty Images

Trump On 2016 Run: 'I'm Looking At It Very Seriously'

Donald Trump

Obama Defends Counterterrorism Strategy And Drone Strikes In Yemen

Yemen Terrorism
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

What 2016 Polling Tells Us, And What It Doesn't

koksharov dmitry via Getty Images

REPORT: Christie Launching PAC For Possible 2016 Run

Chris Christie
Scott Olson via Getty Images

This Map Reveals Just How Unequal The So-Called Recovery Is


Obama Chief Of Staff: Benjamin Netanyahu Didn't Spit In The Face Of The White House

Denis Mcdonough

GOP Governor Calls Out Republicans For Opposing Common Core

John Kasich
Chris Maddaloni via Getty Images

Obama To Propose Protecting 1.4 million Acres Of U.S. Arctic Refuge: Report

Arctic Wilderness
UniversalImagesGroup via Getty Images

Chris Christie Reassures Iowa Voters That He's Conservative Enough

Chris Christie
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Sports Illustrated Will Run Edgy Domestic Violence Ad Ahead Of Super Bowl

Sports Illustrated
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Bobby Jindal Endorses Ted Cruz's Push To Ban Same-Sex Marriage

Bobby Jindal
Tom Williams via Getty Images

Obama Announces Nuclear 'Breakthrough'

Obama Modi
PRAKASH SINGH via Getty Images

Feast Your Eyes On This New Collection Of Spectacular Space Photos

Nasa Chandra Photo

After Criticism, Benjamin Netanyahu Defends Planned Speech To Congress

Benjamin Netanyahu
Chesnot via Getty Images

Sarah Palin 'Seriously Interested' In Running For President In 2016

Sarah Palin
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

Ted Cruz To Potential 2016 Candidates: 'Don't Talk, Show Me'

Ted Cruz
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Walker Touts His 'Go Big And Go Bold' Attitude Before Republicans In Iowa

Scott Walker
Scott Olson via Getty Images


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Dems Will Also Have An Earlier Convention In 2016

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Dnc
Leigh Vogel via Getty Images

Bobby Jindal Headlines All-Day Prayer Rally In Baton Rouge

Bobby Jindal
Tom Williams via Getty Images

King: I Was Being 'Kind' By Referring To Obama's Guest As 'Deportable'

Rep Steve King
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Top Republican Senator Explains Why The Supreme Court Challenge To Obamacare Is Garbage

Orrin Hatch
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Ben Carson Appeals To Republicans In Iowa

Ben Carson
Scott Olson via Getty Images

Oregon Becomes The Focus Of Efforts To Expand Background Checks For Guns

Bytmonas via Getty Images

GOP Eyes Abolishing Supreme Court Filibusters

Supreme Court

Mayors Come To Obama's Defense On Immigration

Bill De Blasio
Alex Wong via Getty Images

Immigrants Locked Up In U.S. After Fleeing Violence

Shutterstock / Humannet

Obama Administration Reverses On Health Care Privacy Problem

SAUL LOEB via Getty Images