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May 22, 2015

The TPP Must Be Defeated

This is not "free trade." This is the race to the bottom. While we must help poor people around the world improve their standard of living, we can do that without destroying the American middle class.

Even Republicans Aren't Happy With The New GOP-Led Congress

Mitch Mcconnell And John Boehner
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

GOP Senators Push For Birth Control Access, But Check The Small Print

Cory Gardner
Alex Wong via Getty Images

2016 Candidates Need More Than Spanish To Win The Latino Vote

Marco Rubio

How Walker And His Allies Hijacked The Wisconsin Supreme Court

Scott Walker
Alex Wong via Getty Images

Loretta Lynch 'Very Concerned' Over Patriot Act Debate


How Low-Wage Workers Get Hosed On Memorial Day

Beach Umbrellas
Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno via Getty Images

Fox News Host And Guest Yell Over Each Other For What Feels Like An Eternity

Andrea Guest Fight
Fox News

Clintons' Speeches Raised At Least $12 Million For Family Foundation

Hillary And Bill Clinton
Greg Allen/Invision/AP

Christie Roasts Reporters: 'Clean The Sh*t Out Of Your Ears'

Chris Christie
Olivier Douliery via Getty Images

Sanders Praised For Not Taking Super PAC Money

Bernie Sanders
Win McNamee via Getty Images

PLUS: Tory Strategist Warns Labour Not To 'Rush' Leadership Election

Here Are A Few The Things The LGBT Community Will Still Be Fighting For After Marriage

Supreme Court Gay Marriage
MLADEN ANTONOV via Getty Images

Here's Why You're Able To Enjoy That Memorial Day Barbecue Instead Of Working

Arlington Memorial Day
JEWEL SAMAD via Getty Images

Megyn Kelly Grills Donald Trump For Lacking The Experience To Run For President

Kelly Trump
Fox News

This Aging Oil Pipeline Is In Great Lakes' 'Worst Possible Place' For A Spill

Straits Of Mackinac
KAREN BLEIER via Getty Images

Maria Shriver Sends Message To Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush

Former Virginia Lawmaker And Teen Receptionist Plan To Marry After Baby

Joseph Morrissey

Santa Barbara Spill Revives Outcry Against Coastal Drilling

Santa Barbara
David McNew via Getty Images

Federal Judge In Alabama Rules In Favor Of Gay Marriage

Gay Rights
MLADEN ANTONOV via Getty Images

Dems Slam Duncan Over 'Business As Usual' Treatment Of Controversial Contractor

Elizabeth Warren
SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Richard Burr Hatches 'Win-Win' Plan To Reform NSA Surveillance

Richard Burr
Alex Wong via Getty Images

Tension Rises Between U.S. And China Over Provocations In South Sea

Poseidon Plane

Here's One Thing You Can Do In An Auto Recall That Might Save Your Life

Mark Wilson via Getty Images


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Meet The State Rep. Vowing To Defy Supreme Court Over Same-Sex Marriage In Texas

Michelangelo Signorile

Bush: It's 'Intellectual Arrogance' To Agree With Scientists About Humans Driving Climate Change

Jeb Bush
Scott Olson via Getty Images

Dem Senator: Congress Hasn't ‘Earned The Right' To Criticize ISIS Strategy

Tim Kaine
Patrick McDermott via Getty Images

Joe Biden: Even Democrats Can Be 'Sophisticated Jerks' About The Middle Class

Joe Biden

Here's What Both Parties Think About Their 2016 Candidates So Far

Blend Images - Hill Street Studios

Senate Debate Reveals Absurd Level Of Trade Deal Secrecy

Warren Manchin

Police Reform Advocates Call Bratton's Remarks On Filming Officers 'Outrageous' And 'Disgraceful'

Andrew Burton via Getty Images

Amtrak Passenger Claims DEA Agent Straight Up Stole Money From His Wallet

Dea Agent

Scarborough Goes Off On Guest While Debating Clinton

Msnbc Joe

Clinton Adviser Sidney Blumenthal Will Testify To Benghazi Committee

Hillary Clinton
Scott Olson via Getty Images

In Case Of Evacuation, Floridians Can Now Pack Their Guns With Them

Illinois Is Very Close To Decriminalizing Marijuana Possession

Meg Roussos via Getty Images

Meet Some Of The Kids At The Center Of The Medical Marijuana Debate

Cbd Oil
National Geographic