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August 27, 2014

The Gun Control Movement Just Landed a Game-Changing Ally

Handguns Matt Meadows via Getty Images

Until recently, conventional wisdom had it that nobody could go up against the NRA and win. They had too much money, too much clout, too many politicians doing their bidding and, most of all, a dedicated and energized membership that could swing public opinion and election results their way.

Tom Corbett Makes Sexist Remark While Trying To Appeal To Women

Tom Corbett
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Jon Stewart Has Priceless Response To Fox News

Jon Stewart Ferguson
Comedy Central

Wisconsin Governor's Race Remains Extremely Close

Scott Walker Wisconsin
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

Steve King: 'All Bets Are Off' On Government Shutdown If Obama Acts On Immigration

Congressman Steve King

Obama Once Again Faces The Congress Question On Syria

Sara D. Davis via Getty Images

Daughter Says Maureen McDonnell Had 'Mild Obsession' With Jonnie Williams

Maureen Mcdonnell
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Ex-Lawmaker Pleads Guilty In GOP Caucuses Case

Kent Sorenson

Jindal Proves He's Serious About Dismantling His Former Cause

Bobby Jindal

Obama, Clinton To Highlight Major Dem Event

Obama Hillary Clinton

Gillibrand: Congressmen Called Me 'Fat' After Baby

Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

State Dept. Denies Seeking Alternative To Climate Treaty, But...

Barack Obama Climate
JEWEL SAMAD via Getty Images

Jay Nixon Names New Public Safety Director

Jay Nixon

Elizabeth Warren Attacked By Club For Growth For Supporting Export-Import Bank

Elizabeth Warren

It's Getting Really Hard To Keep Track Of Who Supports & Who Opposes Jindal's Education Policies

Alex Wong via Getty Images

At Secret Koch Retreat, Top GOP Senate Candidates Credited Koch Network For Their Rise

Cotton Ernst

Stopping Ebola Costs As Much As These 5 Things

CELLOU BINANI via Getty Images

Wendy Davis Escalates Push For Female Votes

Wendy Davis
Fort Worth Star-Telegram via Getty Images

Albright Endorses Grimes For U.S. Senate

Madeleine Albright With Alison Lundergan Grimes
Alison For Kentucky

Bill O'Reilly Is Still Denying White Privilege

Oreilly White
Fox News

Police Officer Accused Of Letting Dog Urinate On Michael Brown Memorial In Ferguson

Michael Brown Memorial
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Former Marine Honored At White House Forced To Close Business That Employs Vets

Veteran Business
Catherine Lane via Getty Images

Bill Clinton Hitting The Campaign Trail For Paul LePage Challenger

Bill Clinton
JEWEL SAMAD via Getty Images

Military Jet Crashes In Western Virginia: Sheriff's Office

Matej Krajcovic via Getty Images

GOP Senate Candidate Shoots A TV In New Ad

Dan Sullivan
Dan Sullivan for Senate ad

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Texas District Warns Visitors: Staff Is Armed And May Use Force To Protect Students


Former NYT Reporter In Gaza Slams Israel, Calls For War Crimes Prosecution

Getty Images

You're Losing $18,000 A Year Because Of Income Inequality


'These Murders Are A Steady Drumbeat'

Islan Nettles
D Dipasupil via Getty Images

House Republicans Are Trying To Make Money Laundering A Lot Easier

Darrell Issa
AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

GOP Lawmaker's First Television Ad Focuses On Women's Issues

Mike Coffman

John McCain Makes Surprise Appearance

John Mccain
PRAKASH SINGH via Getty Images

In Ferguson, 'Everybody Had A Bad Experience' With Police

Ferguson Missouri Police

Navy Discharges Black Sailor Who Won't Change Her Natural Hair

Jessica Sims
Jessica Sims

Romney: 'Circumstances Can Change,' But...

Mitt Romney