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April 1, 2015

The Rise of the Working Poor and the Non-Working Rich

Inequality Gustav Dejert via Getty Images

Consider the rise of both the working poor and the non-working rich, and the meritocratic ideal on which America's growing inequality is often justified doesn't hold up.

Arkansas Governor Says He Won't Sign 'Religious Freedom' Bill Until Changes Are Made

Governor Hutchinson

Sen. Bob Menendez Indicted On Public Corruption Charges

Robert Menendez
JIM WATSON via Getty Images

Limited Progress On Iran Talks Unlikely To Impress Even Senate Dems

Iran Talks

Joe Scarborough Defends Indiana Business Owners Over Anti-Gay Bill

Joe Scarborough
Rob Kim via Getty Images

Politicians Try, Horribly Fail To Use Humor On April Fools' Day

Scott Walker

Water Cutbacks Now Mandatory In California For First Time Ever

California Drought
FREDERIC J. BROWN via Getty Images

Senator Denies 280,000 People Health Care, Calls Advocate 'Asshole' For Asking Him To Give Up Same

Tennessee Senate

Palestinians Join International Criminal Court, Risking Loss Of U.S. Aid

Abbas Icc
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Lois Lerner Will Not Face Contempt Prosecution Over IRS Scandal

Lois Lerner
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Texas Lawmaker Defends Religious Freedom Proposal By Invoking Nazis

Texas Statehouse
Gary Miller via Getty Images

Menendez Has Already Racked Up Massive Legal Bills

Jeff Zelevansky via Getty Images

This Indiana Pizza Parlor May Be State's First Business To Proudly Reject Gay Couples

Anti Gay Pizza
Fuse via Getty Images

Protesters Charged After Disrupting Supreme Court Hearing

Supreme Court Building
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

It Is Now Illegal To Discriminate Against Atheists In Madison, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Statehouse
UniversalImagesGroup via Getty Images

39 Tech Execs Sign 'Historic' Statement Against LGBT Discrimination

Mike Pence
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Watch Ted Cruz Repeatedly Say He Wants To Repeal Something That's Not A Federal Law

Ted Cruz
Darren McCollester via Getty Images

Arkansas Governor Signs Major Domestic Violence Bill

Domestic Violence

Congressman Introduces ACRONYM Act To Clean Up Bill Names

Mike Honda

Bachmann Compares Obama To Pilot Who Downed Germanwings Airliner

Michele Bachmann
Tom Williams via Getty Images

Top Republican On Schumer: ‘He's A Guy That We Can Do Business With'

John Thune
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Mike Pence Inhaled. And Inhaled. And Inhaled.

Aaron P. Bernstein via Getty Images

Newt Gingrich Slams 'Lynch Mob' For Opposing Indiana Religious Freedom Law

Newt Gingrich
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Why Religious Groups Are Protesting The Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Indiana Religious Freedom
Aaron P. Bernstein via Getty Images

Obama Signs Order Creating New Cyber Sanctions Program

Barack Obama
Win McNamee via Getty Images

The 2016 Election Will Be Live-Streamed: 'We're All C-SPAN Now'

Jon Ward Mark Halperin
Matt Viser


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Kentucky: Our Same-Sex Marriage Ban Isn't Anti-Gay Because It Applies To Straight People, Too

Steve Beshear
Douglas Graham via Getty Images

The Five Worst Supreme Court Justices In American History, Ranked

Clarence Thomas
Alex Wong via Getty Images

As A Congressman, Pence Campaigned Against Adding LGBT Protections To Hate Crime Legislation

Mike Pence
Aaron P. Bernstein via Getty Images

Obama Approval Rating Holds Steady

Barack Obama
Boston Globe via Getty Images

Connecticut Gov: Mike Pence Was 'Incredibly Stupid' To Sign Indiana Religious Freedom Bill

Dannel Malloy

Arkansas Governor: My Son Asked Me To Veto 'Religious Freedom' Bill


Guess What Happened When JPMorgan's CEO Visited Elizabeth Warren's Office


The Best Military Photos From March Leave Us Amazed And Thankful

Best Military Photos March
Lance Cpl. Andre Dakis / U.S. Marine Corps

Republican Economic Veterans Advising Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush
Richard Ellis via Getty Images

Oakland Joins Boycott Of Indiana Over Religious Freedom Law

Oakland California
Chris Saulit via Getty Images

New Jersey Lottery Falls Short Of Targets After Christie Privatization

Chris Christie
Star Max/IPx

Chuck Schumer And Dick Durbin Spar Over Whip Position

Dick Durbin Chuck Schumer
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

Ted Cruz Brushes Off Poor Senate Armed Services Attendance Record

Ted Cruz