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Lyle Denniston


Constitution Check: Can Reporters Be Barred From Using Social Media During a Criminal Trial?

Lyle Denniston | Posted June 18, 2012

If there is going to be a judicial order against tweeting or texting during a trial, it would have to depend upon a neutral justification -- some objective reason to curb this new mode of communicating. It does not appear that judges or the media have given that a lot of thought.
Dean Baker


The Son of the Housing Bubble: First-Time Homebuyers Tax Credit

Dean Baker | Posted June 18, 2012

It's often said that the difference between the powerful and the powerless is that the powerful get to walk away from their mistakes while the powerless suffer the consequences. The first-time homebuyers' tax credit, which was added to President Obama's original 2009 stimulus package, provides an excellent example of the privilege of the powerful. Many of the 11 million underwater homeowners in the country can blame the incentives created by the first-time homebuyers credit for their plight. This was really bad policy, which should have been apparent at the time. Unfortunately, it is only the victims who are suffering, not the promulgators of the policy. Welcome to Washington.
Chris Weigant


How to Solve All Our Budget Fights, Forever

Chris Weigant | Posted June 18, 2012

Imagine: after filling out your tax form, you then filled in a separate form. Say you paid $5,000 in income taxes last year. You'd then allocate that money as you saw fit, dollar by dollar, among the budget line items you chose.
Rep. Charles Rangel


Taxing You Twice: Mitt Romney's Draconian Deduction Plan

Rep. Charles Rangel | Posted June 18, 2012

By removing the deduction for state and local taxes, Gov. Romney's proposal would mean that the government taxes ordinary Americans twice, which seems a little hypocritical coming from such an ardent supporter of tax cuts for the wealthy.
Karen Teegarden


The War on Women: Why We're Fighting

Karen Teegarden | Posted June 18, 2012's is organizing nationwide protests, marches and rallies on Saturday, April 28 in cities and states across the country to let elected officials know we won't remain silent.
David Tereshchuk


Military Atheists -- Under-Reported Fight for Fairness

David Tereshchuk | Posted June 18, 2012

The freedom to practice any faith -- a freedom that of course embraces the holding of no faith at all: atheism, in other words -- has freshly become a pressing issue in, of all intriguing places, the United States military.
Bob Cesca


Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin Are Pro-Choice

Bob Cesca | Posted June 18, 2012

Ultimately, conservatives have totally missed the reasonable position regarding abortion. Instead of banning choice, conservatives should be making it easier for women to choose "life."
Bruce Western


Workers of the World Divide

Bruce Western | Posted June 18, 2012

Over the last few decades, unions' influence has waned and workers' collective voice in the political process has weakened. As a result, wages have stagnated, income inequality has increased, and the American political conversation has narrowed.
Mimi Schiffman


Love = Love: 12-Year-Old Boy Stands Up for Lesbian Moms and Fights Amendment One (VIDEO)

Mimi Schiffman | Posted June 18, 2012

David Isenberg


PSC = Putin [Authorized] Security Contractor

David Isenberg | Posted June 18, 2012

In the Russian Federation, there are no laws specifically regulating the conduct of PMSC abroad. But that is not to say there are no relevant laws.
Sen. Bernie Sanders


Vermont Is Helping to Lead the Nation in Transforming Our Energy System

Sen. Bernie Sanders | Posted June 18, 2012

We come from Vermont. We know our small state cannot reverse global warming on our own, but we can provide a model for America which helps lead our nation and the world to a more sustainable and secure energy future.
Cindy Shogan


President Obama: What Is It Going to Take to Stop Shell's Arctic Drilling?

Cindy Shogan | Posted June 18, 2012

The reasons not to drill just keep mounting -- and the reasons to drill? Well, there seems to be just one, and I can't say it in politically correct company. I can give you a hint: Republican rhetoric and the 2012 presidential election.
Craig Crawford



Craig Crawford | Posted June 18, 2012

Rep. Gwen Moore


Women Are Waiting...

Rep. Gwen Moore | Posted June 18, 2012

I was molested as a child. There was no ominous stranger or dark alley. This abuse was perpetrated by someone I knew and by someone who knew me -- a family friend. Sadly, these events of my youth would only be the beginning of a lifetime of experiences with abuse and violence.
Bill Moyers


I'm Big Bird and I Don't Approve This Message

Bill Moyers | Posted June 18, 2012

Imagine if you turned on your TV set someday soon and were greeted by Sesame Street, brought to you by the letter C, for "creeping campaign cash corruption." Perhaps that's a bit of a stretch, but as the late William F. Buckley, Jr., used to say, the point survives the exaggeration.
Eric Alterman


Why Obama Is Not A True Liberal

Eric Alterman | Posted June 18, 2012

Is Barack Obama a Liberal? Well, maybe once upon a time, but today, no way. Just take a look at the history (and don't feel bad if you're surprised and disappointed. Your author sure was and he should have known better).
Robert Auerbach


A Blatant Cover-up of Corrupt Practices at the Federal Reserve by Its "Independent" Inspector General

Robert Auerbach | Posted June 18, 2012

Chairman Burns' stonewalling to keep the Fed from being caught in the Watergate scandal was extreme undue political interference. Inspector General Mark Bialek's report bypasses this information that was made available to him.
Lilly Ledbetter


Why I Fight For Equal Pay For Women

Lilly Ledbetter | Posted June 18, 2012

I was earning $44,724 while the highest-paid man earned $59,028 and the other two followed close behind, earning $58,464 and $58,226. Maybe I was seeing things. Maybe this note was a serious mistake or a bad joke, though I knew in my gut it wasn't.
Dean Obeidallah


Why Would NRA Denounce Media Coverage of Trayvon Martin Case?

Dean Obeidallah | Posted June 18, 2012

There's no doubt that both those who love guns and those who detest them want to lower the number of people killed by guns each year. However, comments by the NRA's Wayne LaPierre simply do not help us reach our common goal.
Dianne E. Stewart


I Am Undocumented: A Face of Legal Immigration Gone Wrong

Dianne E. Stewart | Posted June 18, 2012

We've become victims of a legal immigration horror story of deception, criminal fraud, financial ruin, discrimination, pain, uncertainly, insecurity and devastating implications -- not only for this family's future, but for the future of legal immigration itself.
Jeff Danziger


Bo Gua Gua

Jeff Danziger | Posted June 18, 2012

SaraKay Smullens


In Defense of Hilary Rosen: Let's Get Real

SaraKay Smullens | Posted June 18, 2012

What all of this shows, of course, is how the real issues that plague this country can effectively be buried. Hilary Rosen did speak thoughtlessly. But what she meant (and awkwardly tried to explain) was obvious.
Rachel Bloom


Just as We Suspected: Florida Saved Nothing by Drug Testing Welfare Applicants

Rachel Bloom | Posted June 18, 2012

We already knew that Florida's welfare drug testing law was a failure; what we didn't know was just how much of a failure it was. Until now.
Jamal Abdi


Washington and Tehran's Vicious Spin Cycle

Jamal Abdi | Posted June 18, 2012

If Iran and the U.S. are unable to build positive sum political space and the mutual spin becomes a vicious cycle, the negotiations could easily spin into failure.
Richard Robbins


2012 Election: Citizens United vs. Citizens Uniting

Richard Robbins | Posted June 18, 2012

A tectonic collision is in store for the 2012 election, as unlimited campaign money enabled by Citizens United competes with super-charged online grassroots democracy.
Daphne Eviatar


Obama Administration Writes Rights Out of New Indefinite Detention Law

Daphne Eviatar | Posted June 18, 2012

The Obama administration had an opportunity to make clear that it takes due process rights and international law seriously, and that, as the war in Afghanistan winds down, it plans to bring indefinite military detention without meaningful review, charge, or trial to an end.
Mary Anne Hitt


Why the Sierra Club Is Endorsing President Obama

Mary Anne Hitt | Posted June 18, 2012

In the battle for our nation's future, President Obama has stood on the side of health, prosperity, and progress for all American families and against the greed of corporate polluters.
Lynn M. Paltrow


When Does "Pro-Life" Equal "Pro-Imprisonment"?

Lynn M. Paltrow | Posted June 18, 2012

The Liberty Counsel has established that the "pro-life" position is "pro-punishment," not just for doctors who perform abortions, but also for pregnant women who have no intention of ending their pregnancies and go to term.
Robin Koerner


Count Me: An Ode to Liberty

Robin Koerner | Posted June 18, 2012

Left and Right and Right and Left / Have left America bereft / Of liberty, its founding light. / Christians, Liberals speak of peace / Until they hold the nation's leash, / And send its youth to fight.
Michael B. Keegan


The Right's 2012 Solution: "Just Close Your Eyes"

Michael B. Keegan | Posted June 18, 2012

Republicans seem to think they can get away with almost anything because their Election Day hopes will be saved by a bad economy. But the people they attack know the Tea Party's history of cynical, culture-war attacks that deeply affect the lives of real people. We have our eyes wide open.
Michael Brune


A Fight for Our Future

Michael Brune | Posted June 18, 2012

Because President Barack Obama has stood with us on the side of health, prosperity, and progress for all American families, I am proud to announce that the Sierra Club is endorsing him for reelection.
Greg Campbell


8 Myths About Marijuana

Greg Campbell | Posted June 18, 2012

Sussing out truth from fiction when it comes to marijuana is no easy undertaking, but after two years of intensive research, I can say with certainty that there are several old myths that can be put to rest for good (or at least put into context).
Jeffrey A. Miron


The Fed Versus the Gold Standard

Jeffrey A. Miron | Posted June 18, 2012

Recent vilification of the Fed and claims that a gold standard can solve U.S. economic problems are without empirical foundation.
Rabbi Adam Jacobs


Kabbalistic Feminism and the War on Women

Rabbi Adam Jacobs | Posted June 18, 2012

Women's rights have come a very long way in a very short time. This is right and good and how things should be. It is also a facet of the plan for the ultimate unification of humanity that was foreseen centuries ago.
Bruce Kushnick


Please, Sir, May I Have Another?

Bruce Kushnick | Posted June 18, 2012

For the last 20 years, the nation's major telecom companies have been playing the public and regulatory officials for fools. Now they're claiming they shouldn't be obliged to provide affordable landline service to everyone anymore, as they take the money and run to wireless.
William McGrath


For Just One Day?

William McGrath | Posted June 18, 2012

Read More: Space Shuttle, Discovery
As with baseball, the pride and achievement embodied by the space program has now become part of the American fabric. Mr. Obama or Mr. Romney, challenge us again, define what is next for America in Space?
Paula Gordon


Our Deadly Cocktail

Paula Gordon | Posted June 18, 2012

America's role in the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman tragedy goes down as smoothly as any toxic cocktail: one part guns, one part race, one part stress.
Mark J. Perry and Robert Dell


A Fair Tax for Progressives

Mark J. Perry and Robert Dell | Posted June 18, 2012

The current tax code destroys wealth and diminishes wealth creation excessively, but it does not effectively tax wealth (in the sense of raising revenue). The FairTax would tax spending from wealth in addition to fostering more wealth creation.
Robert J. Elisberg


Saying You Don't Remember Doesn't Mean It Didn't Happen

Robert J. Elisberg | Posted June 18, 2012

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice plaintively wondered to the crowd, "I don't know when immigrants became the enemy." Immigrants became the enemy under your boss, George W. Bush.
Jim Hutchins


Dumb ALEC and Its "Breathtaking Inanity"

Jim Hutchins | Posted August 21, 2012

There is still some scientific disagreement about man-caused climate change, this much is true. But there is no debate or controversy whatsoever on evolution; it's generally accepted science in broad terms.
Kathy Kelly


For You, a Thousand Times Over

Kathy Kelly | Posted June 18, 2012

Looking through the clear plastic of the shields into these young soldiers' faces, I couldn't fail to think of Bradley Manning, outside whose prison we had stood vigil the previous day.
Philip G. Baker


An Undeserved Revolt Against the Volt

Philip G. Baker | Posted June 18, 2012

So here we have elected officials doing their best to trash one of the most innovative products this country has produced, all in the name of politics.
Anthony Gregory


Every First Family Is in the Top 1%

Anthony Gregory | Posted June 18, 2012

"Are these people too far removed from normal Americans to be in the White House?" It is a most ridiculous question. Even if they are not, the second they relocate to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, they have moved into an entirely different class altogether.
Javier Sierra


Big Oil's Excuses Running on Fumes

Javier Sierra | Posted June 18, 2012

One could think that an industry that has been around for more than a century should be ready to wean itself from the public trough. But Big Oil's power in Congress is formidable.
Robert Slayton


Tax Reform Is for Suckers

Robert Slayton | Posted June 18, 2012

Tax reform is a wonderful subject; after all, it is the great American fantasy. The problem appears the instant you discuss specifics. Any specific tax exemption, in fact.
Chuck Marr


Top 10 Federal Tax Charts

Chuck Marr | Posted June 18, 2012

We've collected our top ten charts related to federal taxes. Together, they provide useful context for the coming debates about how to reduce soaring budget deficits and reform the tax code.
Josh Horwitz


Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right for Issa

Josh Horwitz | Posted June 18, 2012

Why would a man in charge of an ostensibly independent, on-going investigation into the Obama administration appear before a special interest group that is openly hostile to our president and engage in a scathing attack on him, his attorney general and the Department of Justice?
R. Gil Kerlikowske


A Drug Policy for the 21st Century

R. Gil Kerlikowske | Posted June 18, 2012

Today we are releasing the 2012 National Drug Control Strategy -- the Obama Administration's primary policy blueprint for reducing drug use and its consequences in America. It is based on the premise that drug addiction is a chronic disease of the brain that can be prevented and treated.
Howard Barbanel


Enfranchising Americans Through Electoral Reform

Howard Barbanel | Posted June 18, 2012

We need to move toward a one-day national primary, just as we have a one-day national election. There's no reason to have a protracted six-month primary schedule with states jockeying with one another for the distinction of being one of the first.
Chris Rodda


Marines Return to Being "Crusaders"

Chris Rodda | Posted June 18, 2012

Under new leadership, Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 122 is going back to being the "Crusaders," complete with an insignia of a crusader shield with a big red cross on it and a crusader knight as its mascot.
Charles Kolb


Health Care, Broccoli, and the Common Good

Charles Kolb | Posted June 18, 2012

It was Justice Scalia's argument that if the government could force an individual to purchase health insurance, it could presumably force an individual to buy broccoli, that convinced me the Supreme Court should uphold the individual mandate.
Gabriel Sanchez Zinny


Why Don't Politicians Get It With Hispanics?

Gabriel Sanchez Zinny | Posted June 18, 2012

Calling all of them Latinos, talking to them in Spanish, and focusing only on immigration issues will probably not be the best way to secure their support.
Jonathan Weiler


The GOP's Na-na-na-na-na Political Strategy

Jonathan Weiler | Posted June 18, 2012

Projection has become the Republican Party's signature mode of attack. On a host of issues, the GOP's response to Democrats has been to say, in the words of Talking Points Memo's Benjy Sarlin, "I know you are, but what am I?"
Lincoln Mitchell


Why Seamus Matters

Lincoln Mitchell | Posted June 18, 2012

It is probably true that Romney's treatment of Seamus would not make him a bad president -- his economic views and fear of his own party's right wing would do that. Despite this, Romney's treatment of Seamus may prove damaging in the election.