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Chris Weigant


The Marijuana Vote

Chris Weigant | Posted June 30, 2012

Kimmel is right about one thing. Pot smokers vote. He's also right that, sometimes, they just stay home and don't bother... but it's not because they're too stoned to remember what day it is. President Obama needs to realize this.
Dr. Joseph Mercola


Something Historic Is About to Happen

Dr. Joseph Mercola | Posted June 30, 2012

I'm pleased to announce that the Money Bomb Against Monsanto has been officially launched!
Richard (RJ) Eskow


Mayday. Mayday. Mayday.

Richard (RJ) Eskow | Posted June 30, 2012

Mayday. Mayday. Mayday. This is the United States of America. Our pilot and crew are under the influence of unseen forces. Our position is unknown, and our time is growing short. We have 311 million souls on board. We are in urgent need of assistance.
Lynn Casper


Is Your Marriage Threatened by Gay Marriage in North Carolina? (VIDEO)

Lynn Casper | Posted June 30, 2012

Sam Adams


Saving Our Communities and the Nation Starts from the Ground Up

Sam Adams | Posted June 30, 2012

I help lead one of America's cities -- Portland, Oregon. It is known for being a well-planned city. It's not. At least, not as well as we want it to be. And not as well planned as every American city must be.
Bob Geiger


The Disgrace of War Widows Fighting for Benefits

Bob Geiger | Posted June 30, 2012

At issue is a parsing of government programs that essentially eliminates one survivor's benefit for another. To civilians, this is analogous to someone telling us that we can have a deceased spouse's retirement money or life insurance -- but not both.
Rob Kall


Major Occupy Court Victory -- 31 Occupy Philly Protesters Acquitted on All Charges

Rob Kall | Posted June 30, 2012

I interviewed Paul Hetznecker, one of the lead attorneys among a team of 14 lawyers who defended 31 Occupy Philly protesters who were arrested on November 30, 2011, shortly after Occupy Philly was shut down.
Sen. Bert Johnson


The Significance of "1"

Sen. Bert Johnson | Posted June 30, 2012

Today I submitted the necessary petition signatures to qualify for the ballot for U.S. Congress in Michigan's new 13th Congressional District. I am the first candidate to take this step to officially put my name on the ballot. Why is this significant? First and foremost, it shows the dedication of...
Laurence J. Kotlikoff


Under-Thirty Eyes Only

Laurence J. Kotlikoff | Posted June 30, 2012

If you're 30 or older, stop reading. This isn't for you. This is for America's sacrificial lambs -- our children.
Harvey Rosenfield


Will the Supreme Court Split the Difference on Health Care and Immigration?

Harvey Rosenfield | Posted June 30, 2012

During three days of hearings last month, the notion that the Supreme Court would invalidate the federal health care law went from being a right wing fantasy to a possible, even likely, outcome based on the questions and comments of the Republican justices.


Michelle Rhee Says She'll Tell For-Profit Colleges To Clean Up Their Act

David_Halperin | Posted June 30, 2012

The truth is, while there are indeed some quality programs in the sector, there are many, many rotten apples, because the lack of strong accountability standards has created a race to the bottom -- the more you abuse students, the more money you make.
Brad Reid


'Deliberate Indifference' May Impose Liability

Brad Reid | Posted June 30, 2012

On Monday, April 30 the U.S. Supreme Court declined to review a Ninth Circuit decision that allowed an inmate to sue the Los Angeles County Sheriff for injuries received while confined.
John W. Whitehead


The Empire Strikes Back: Attack of the Drones

John W. Whitehead | Posted June 30, 2012

We will find ourselves operating under a new paradigm marked by round-the-clock surveillance and with little hope of real privacy, short of living in a cave far removed from the reach of modern technology. Caves, by the way, are rather scarce.
Thomas E. Mann


The Sources of American Political Dysfunction

Thomas E. Mann | Posted June 30, 2012

In never-ending efforts to defeat incumbent officeholders in hard times, the public is perpetuating the source of its discontent, electing a new group of people who are even less inclined to or capable of crafting compromise or solutions to pressing problems.
Mark Green


McCain Can't Handle the Truth: "Bin Laden" IS Answer to "Appeaser"

Mark Green | Posted June 30, 2012

It would be political malpractice not to remind voters, repeatedly told by rivals that Obama is a weakling, that "bin Laden is dead and GM is alive." Or as is said about libel law, truth is a defense.
Ian Thompson


Racial Justice and LGBT Equality: Moving Beyond the Politics of 'Divide and Conquer'

Ian Thompson | Posted June 30, 2012

New data released last week by the U.S. Census Bureau clearly show that the race-based "divide and conquer" strategies being pursued by organizations like NOM not only are ugly and divisive but fly in the face of reality.
Michael Ford


Civic Illiteracy: A Threat to the American Dream

Michael Ford | Posted June 30, 2012

The effects of civic illiteracy take their toll over time, and while Americans are almost defiantly indifferent about their lack of civic understanding, the consequences to our basic rights and freedoms and the general health of our republic could be dire.
Sarah Damaske


A Major Career Woman? Rethinking Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Sarah Damaske | Posted June 30, 2012

If we want Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day to benefit all of our children, additional focus must be placed on girls growing up in working-class families. These girls are the ones who might benefit most.
Eli Lehrer


New Ethics Rules: Bah, Humbug!

Eli Lehrer | Posted June 30, 2012

The size and scope of government means scandals like those at GSA and The Secret Service are inevitable. Simply making more rules won't end scandals -- that's impossible -- but may make government even less efficient.
Joe S. Moore


America's Costly Lifestyles

Joe S. Moore | Posted June 30, 2012

Our health care system isn't truly a health care system at all. It's a "sick care system" focused on addressing symptoms and treating illness, with little intent on keeping people well in the first place.
Janet Byrne


9 Moments In The Occupy Movement History

Janet Byrne | Posted June 30, 2012

Occupy will mark its nine-month anniversary on May 17. It is a measure of the movement's vigor that the nine moments chosen here are bookended by two large-scale calls to action: the one that inaugurated the movement and the one that leads off its spring resurgence.
Tom Fox


A Cheat Sheet for Engaging Employees

Tom Fox | Posted June 30, 2012

As a federal leader, you no doubt have a lot on your plate, and it may be tempting to shrug off employee complaints about their jobs and organization.
Bill Lichtenstein


Will Power to the People (to Remix, That Is) Offset the Super PACs?

Bill Lichtenstein | Posted June 30, 2012

It didn't take long. On the heels of the Jimmy Fallon appearance by President Obama, an attack ad hit the Internet and the airwaves, depicting President Obama as a celebrity president whose policies had failed young people.
Monique Ruffin


The War vs. the Revolution

Monique Ruffin | Posted June 30, 2012

The women I have met while learning about feminine power are tired of fighting and working to fit into this misogynistic culture. Women are ready to present themselves not as property, children, or men in skirts, but as feminine, intelligent, powerful, and capable.
Sarah van Gelder


This May Day Could Be One to Remember

Sarah van Gelder | Posted June 30, 2012

If the mainstream media was confused about Occupy Wall Street in its early days in Zuccotti Park, they're bound to be completely befuddled this May Day. The day is about showing up and protesting, but also building the world we want.
John Becker


Maryland Cardinal Mandates That Marriage Discrimination Letter Be Read Aloud at Mass

John Becker | Posted June 30, 2012

The office of Baltimore Cardinal Edwin O'Brien required that a pro-marriage-discrimination letter authored by the cardinal himself be read aloud at Mass this past weekend as part of a petition drive.
Christina Wilkie


Fashion Whip: Style Stars of the GOP Veepstakes

Christina Wilkie | Posted August 28, 2012

Read More: Slidepollajax
The Fashion Whip is a political style column in The Huffington Post by Lauren A. Rothman and Christina Wilkie. Rothman is the founder of Styleauteur. WASHINGTON -- Now that the Republican presidential primaries are essentially over, all that remains to be determined in the 2012 race is who...
Alvin McEwen


The National Organization for Marriage's Comments on Same-Sex Couples and Their Children Go Beyond the Pale (VIDEO)

Alvin McEwen | Posted June 30, 2012

Mekell Mikell


Turning 40: Avoiding a Midlife Crisis for the Clean Water Act

Mekell Mikell | Posted June 30, 2012

Before the Clean Water Act, pollution was so bad that water bodies like the Cuyahoga River in Ohio and the Charles River in Massachusetts caught on fire faster than a batch of birthday candles.
Eric Alterman


Think Again: How Classical Liberalism Morphed Into New Deal Liberalism

Eric Alterman | Posted June 30, 2012

Classical liberalism is synonymous with a faith in reason, which had arisen out of the Enlightenment as a reaction to claims of divine rule by the clergy and royalty of the late Middle Ages.
Abby Huntsman


Trying to Fix a Broken Arm With a Band Aid

Abby Huntsman | Posted June 30, 2012

Congress isn't actually addressing the underlying structural issues that are impeding economic growth, global competitiveness, and national security. Instead, they are looking for incremental, "quick fix" legislation to placate constituents.
Timothy Beal


BibliFact Roundup #3: Biblical Aliens, SB 1070 and a Jericho March

Timothy Beal | Posted June 30, 2012

Hospitality is not at the margins of Scripture. It is a central theme. In fact, the Hebrew word for "alien" or "stranger" appears 92 times in the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament.
Laura Finley


Preventing Human Rights Abuses: Look in Our Own Back Yard

Laura Finley | Posted June 30, 2012

The Atrocities Prevention Board and the new Executive Order are little more than hypocrisy if efforts are not made to address our own human rights abuses. It is time to show a true commitment to ensuring human rights, at home and abroad.
Daniel Luzer


The Interest Rate Debate: The Red Herring of College Costs?

Daniel Luzer | Posted June 30, 2012

But how important is interest rate on federal student loans, really? Keeping the rate low is probably good, but it's not that important.
James M. Gentile


Basic Scientific Research and Its Transformational Potential

James M. Gentile | Posted June 30, 2012

As our nation's leadership in scientific and technological innovation is challenged as never before, federal funding of basic scientific research remains essential, but that research should be potentially transformational.
Terry Newell


The President Is Also a CEO

Terry Newell | Posted June 30, 2012

Mitt Romney recently let his potential federal workforce know that he thinks they are overpaid. Any executive who took the CEO's job after announcing that his entire workforce was not worth much would not create the conditions for high performance.
Anne Stevenson


Corporate Lobbyists Discriminate, Declare War on Disabled (Show This to Your Legislator)

Anne Stevenson | Posted June 30, 2012

Should disabled litigants be forced to elect between the loss of wealth and opportunities, or alternatively, going broke engaging in excessive litigation? Isn't that just another way of starving the little guy's interests out of court on account of their disability?
Ted Kaufman


U.S. Needs Shareholders' Rights

Ted Kaufman | Posted June 30, 2012

I doubt it. After years of not having to worry much about what their shareholders thought, the Citigroup vote was a wake up call for every corporate board of directors.
Tom Engelhardt


The Obama Contradiction

Tom Engelhardt | Posted June 30, 2012

If Obama is the president of next to nothing on the domestic policy front (but fundraising for his second term), he has the powers previously associated with the gods when it comes to war-making abroad.
Greg Ruggiero


Occupying With Noam Chomsky

Greg Ruggiero | Posted June 30, 2012

"Occupy," says Noam Chomsky in his new book, "is the first major public response to thirty years of class war." One of the movement's greatest successes has been simply to put the inequalities of everyday life on the national agenda, influencing reporting, public perception and language itself.
Sen. Bernie Sanders


United Against the War on Women

Sen. Bernie Sanders | Posted June 30, 2012

The right-wing in this country is waging a war against women and, let me be very clear, it is not a war that we are going to allow them to win. When men and women stand together for justice, we win.
Marian Salzman


The All-New American Family

Marian Salzman | Posted June 30, 2012

The American family's structure is no longer a perfect slice of apple pie. We've got nests that are no longer empty as jobless millennials move back in with mom and dad and redefine our latest obsession with what it means to be "occupied."
David Nassar


Al Norman's Occupy Walmart: What the Debate Is Really About

David Nassar | Posted June 30, 2012

Al Norman's new book Occupy Walmart, a collection of his essays written over the years, is timely because it reminds the reader of the fundamental flaws at Walmart that create problems like those recently exposed by the New York Times.
Ben Mangan


Cornel West and Tavis Smiley Rightfully Scare Us

Ben Mangan | Posted June 30, 2012

The heart of Smiley and West's message is simple and profound: the United States is far more economically divided than most people want to acknowledge,and this chasm will destroy our nation.
Howard Steven Friedman


NASA Simply Stopped Being a Priority

Howard Steven Friedman | Posted June 30, 2012

Will we look back and ask ourselves whether the decision to abandon space was a wise decision? Or will historians look back and identify this decision as a textbook example of when America sacrificed long-term strategic goals for short-term interests.
American Anthropological Association


Why Societies Fail: The 'Other' Consequences of Debt

American Anthropological Association | Posted June 30, 2012

What will likely be absent in the inevitable debt debate before the election is any consideration of the relationship of debt to the requirement for perpetual economic growth and its role in the dramatic increase in economic inequality.
Barry Eisler


Interrogators Speak Out: Why Not a Torture Turing Test?

Barry Eisler | Posted June 30, 2012

It's hard to imagine that any American, Jose Rodriguez included, would argue waterboarding isn't torture if the tapes in question depicted Iranian or Chinese agents waterboarding captured American pilots.
Mike Lux


Shining City on a Hill

Mike Lux | Posted June 30, 2012

Why is Paul Ryan, who is on the short list for Romney's VP candidate, so eager to erase his (very recent) past obsession with Ayn Rand, whom so many other right wingers adore as well?
Hollye Harrington Jacobs


YES on Prop 29: Cut Health Care Costs, Spur the Economy -- and Cure Cancer

Hollye Harrington Jacobs | Posted June 30, 2012

On June 5, Californians will have the opportunity to pass Proposition 29, the California Cancer Research Act. By adding $1 tax per pack of cigarettes and equivalent tax on other tobacco products, Prop 29 will save an estimated 104,500 lives from premature smoking-caused deaths.
Danny Schechter


Robots R' Us: Drones Reported on 63 Bases on the USA

Danny Schechter | Posted June 30, 2012

New York, New York: It's easy to understand why presidents, politicians and the military love robots. They don't talk back. They follow orders. You press a button and they do what they are told. They are considered so efficient, and so lethal. These modern killing machines represent science fiction...
Jared Bernstein


Apples and Health Spending

Jared Bernstein | Posted June 30, 2012

I get that skin-in-the-game is a critically important component of market economics. I just can't accept that health care is a normal good to which this standard ought to be fully applied.
Morra Aarons-Mele


Women are Wimps

Morra Aarons-Mele | Posted June 30, 2012

Is the GOP saying that women should expect to earn less because they default to parenting over work? Is this the party line? Because I know a lot of pretty ambitious Republican women who would disagree.
Robert Accordino M.D., M.Sc.


Meet Dr. Hadland and Dr. Vassy

Robert Accordino M.D., M.Sc. | Posted June 30, 2012

During our primary-care crisis, should the U.S. be using valuable resources to deport Harvard-trained primary-care physicians who want to serve patients and also remain in the same country as their spouses? According to DOMA, it should.
Andy Ostroy


A War of Words Over the GOP's War on Women

Andy Ostroy | Posted June 30, 2012

Sparks flew on the set of NBC's Meet the Press Sunday morning as guests Rachel Maddow and Republican strategist Alex Castellanos debated whether American women are at a compensation disadvantage in the workplace.
Sunil Sharan


Obama's Big Greenwash

Sunil Sharan | Posted June 30, 2012

What has made Mr. Obama veer away from clean energy?
Jeff Danziger


Bear Falls From Tree

Jeff Danziger | Posted June 30, 2012

Huff TV


Arianna Criticizes Obama Over Bin Laden Ad

Huff TV | Posted June 30, 2012

Arianna on Monday criticized the Obama campaign for questioning whether or not Mitt Romney would have killed Osama bin Laden in a recent attack ad. Appearing on 'CBS This Morning', she said, "Using the Osama bin Laden assassination, killing, the great news that we had a year...
Michelangelo Signorile


Gay Men Who Lesbian-Bash: What's Up With That?

Michelangelo Signorile | Posted June 30, 2012

Why would a gay man make a homophobic comment about a lesbian? Actually, it's all too common. And much of it (but certainly not all) comes from gay conservatives who seem to be embarrassed by much of the LGBT community.
Bill Moyers


WATCH: Rep. Allen West and the Ghost of McCarthy

Bill Moyers | Posted June 30, 2012

Summer Rayne Oakes


The Facts on Fracking: Interview with Barbara Arrindell of DCS

Summer Rayne Oakes | Posted June 30, 2012

A topic of controversy for the last number of years, hydraulic fracturing (a.k.a. fracking) has become a serious concern among citizens. In this interview, Barbara Arrindell shares the 101 on natural gas exploration.
The Badger Herald


Status, Not Race, Should Be Basis of Affirmative Action

The Badger Herald | Posted June 30, 2012

While I believe that society may be far along enough to leave race in and of itself behind, I feel that rather than ending affirmative action, it should be adjusted to better fit the realities of society.
Reince Priebus


Will Obama Apologize For Killing Union Employees' Lifeline to Jobs?

Reince Priebus | Posted June 30, 2012

Apparently the only job President Obama thinks about when he hears "Keystone XL" is his own. Never mind the jobs it would create.
The Daily Barometer


Beyond SB 1070's Legality, an Apparent Question of Equality

The Daily Barometer | Posted June 30, 2012

Unlike the recent Affordable Care Act case, the federal government is challenging state legislation, arguing that the immigration law is an overreach for any single state to make.
Andy Igrejas


Should Dow Get a Veto Over Government Scientists?

Andy Igrejas | Posted June 30, 2012

An obscure Congressional hearing on Tuesday became a flashpoint in a very important conflict: the attempt by the chemical industry to gain a veto over the work of government scientists. This time, however, the scientists fought back.
Leo W. Gerard


Killing Democracy One Vote at a Time

Leo W. Gerard | Posted June 30, 2012

Voter ID restrictions work for the rich. They've got birth certificates and photo driver's licenses and passports. Or they can send a servant or secretary to apply for the documents. And the more rabble removed from the polls, the more weighty the votes of the wealthy.
Michelle Chen


Labor Action and Inaction in Colombia Free Trade Deal

Michelle Chen | Posted June 30, 2012

While officials convened at the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena earlier this month, the White House put the finishing touches on another free trade agreement. The deal has faced vocal resistance from labor and human rights groups in both countries.