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Chris Weigant


Friday Talking Points -- Economic Messaging

Chris Weigant | Posted July 25, 2012

OK, we understand that this is garden-variety election pandering to the Tea Party base and all of that, but we feel duty-bound to offer up a little garden-variety ridicule to go with it.
Mark Kleinschmidt


Why You Shouldn't Boycott North Carolina

Mark Kleinschmidt | Posted July 25, 2012

While I understand that this is a natural response to the passage of such a discriminatory act, one that targets innocent North Carolinians for the worst of reasons, misunderstanding and bigotry, I'm asking everyone to take a deep breath.
David Morris


How Phantom Accounting Is Destroying The Post Office

David Morris | Posted July 25, 2012

The post office deficit that is driving management to commit institutional suicide by ending six-day delivery, closing half of the nation's post offices and mail-processing centers, and laying off more than 200,000 workers, is make-believe.
Jeffrey Levi


Safety First, Yet the Facts Hurt: How Injury Prevention Can Save Lives

Jeffrey Levi | Posted July 25, 2012

If we're going to lower the number of injuries in America, we need to redouble efforts. We need to adopt, implement and enforce evidence-based approaches, and increase public awareness of ways we can all keep ourselves and our families safer.
Rep. Charles Rangel


The One Percent Deserving Our Thanks

Rep. Charles Rangel | Posted July 25, 2012

We should use this Memorial Day as an opportunity to remember the sacrifices that American soldiers of all social and political stripes have made in defense of our country.
Ed Sayres


Honor All Those Who Serve Us On Memorial Day

Ed Sayres | Posted July 25, 2012

This Memorial Day, as we remember all the brave men and women who have given their lives to protect our freedoms, let's not forget the sacrifices of the military working dogs who have served alongside them.
Christopher Brauchli


About Immigrants and Birth Certificates

Christopher Brauchli | Posted July 25, 2012

Practical politics consists in ignoring facts. -- --Henry Brooks Adams, The Education of Henry Adams Two bits of bad news to dampen any cheer earlier reports might have warranted. It is accompanied by one bit of good news. The bad news comes from Alabama and Iowa. The good news...
Shannon P. Meehan


Shades of Guilt in My Purple Heart

Shannon P. Meehan | Posted July 25, 2012

When you see my Purple Heart, you see my sacrifice, but I see and feel much more. I see the people I killed, the civilians that I failed to protect, and I am reminded that there will be no Purple Heart for them.
Ethan Nadelmann


Obama's Hypocritical War on Marijuana

Ethan Nadelmann | Posted July 25, 2012

Most disappointing is Barack Obama's failure to say a word as president about the fact that half of all drug arrests each year are for nothing more than possessing a small amount of marijuana, which is something Barack Obama did lots of in his younger days.
Marian Wright Edelman


Time to Stop "Stop and Frisk"

Marian Wright Edelman | Posted July 25, 2012

The silent Father's Day March will be a chance for people of all backgrounds to walk silently down New York's Fifth Avenue together to convey to New York City leaders that it is time to stop treating hundreds of thousands of our young people of color like criminals when they have done nothing wrong.
Arthur Bruzzone


10 Reasons Obama Would Choose Hillary as VP

Arthur Bruzzone | Posted July 25, 2012

There will be no change to the 2012 Obama-Biden ticket unless polls in July show that the president has lost significant strength in 13 swing states.
Lance Simmens


The Disaffected Class

Lance Simmens | Posted July 25, 2012

Certain people are not cut out for certain jobs. Given the requirements of the position of president of the United States, maximizing opportunities takes precedence over maximizing profits.
Dave Murphy


Obama Campaign Stop at Factory Farm Propaganda Site, Billed as 'Grassroots Event'

Dave Murphy | Posted July 25, 2012

By showing up at the Paul R. Knapp "Animal Learning Center," President Obama and his staff show that they are out of touch with the needs of rural Iowans and likely to continue to plow down their unsustainable path of supporting the industrial agribusiness lobby.
Laurence J. Kotlikoff


The Clash of Generations

Laurence J. Kotlikoff | Posted July 25, 2012

As we sit back and blithely watch Greece's death by debt, it's easy to assume it can never happen here. It can, and it will.
Eric Sapp


The Most Important Treaty You've Never Heard of and How the NRA Wants It Dead

Eric Sapp | Posted July 25, 2012

There are currently no international laws or treaties regulating the international sale of conventional weapons. This July, the nations of the world are gathering to negotiate the first ever Arms Trade Treaty. You'd think there would be universal support.
John A. Roush


The Expense of Ignorance and the Value of Accountability

John A. Roush | Posted July 25, 2012

Rather than to Washington, our responsibility -- and accountability -- always has and always should have one clear focus. American families, above all, have every reason to expect accountability from higher education.
Denise Dennis


Pennsylvanians Mobilize in Response to New Voter ID Law

Denise Dennis | Posted July 25, 2012

When the voting rights of our most vulnerable citizens are threatened, everyone's rights are threatened. Democracy is not a fait accompli, it requires attention and constant care or else it might be lost.
Brandon Bowlin


How to Win: Get Mad

Brandon Bowlin | Posted July 25, 2012

Cory Booker's Meet the Press backstabbery was remarkable. And his Twitter-laced walk-back -- very unremarkable.
Shayana Kadidal


Choking Off Coverage of Bradley Manning's Court-Martial

Shayana Kadidal | Posted July 25, 2012

None of the court's orders have been published. None of the transcripts have been released. And none of the government filings have been posted. Not even with redactions -- nothing.
Alan Grayson


Dumb Rich People

Alan Grayson | Posted July 25, 2012

Honestly, when you look at the facts, America's robber barons spending huge wads of cash to get rid of the Democrats are like lemmings. They're all jumping off the money cliff, and they're taking everyone else with them.
Dennis A. Henigan


Some State AGs Would Rather Please the NRA Than Enforce the Law

Dennis A. Henigan | Posted July 25, 2012

The letter signed by 23 state Attorneys General in support of the National Rifle Association's bill to nationalize concealed carry of handguns suggests that, for those public officials, pandering to the gun lobby is far more important than doing the job they were sworn to perform.
Steve Ressler


TSA Mission: Impossible? Insight From Former TSA Administrator Kip Hawley

Steve Ressler | Posted July 25, 2012

A former TSA administrator says two major changes would create better -- and less frustrating -- airport security.
Conchita Sarnoff


Pimps Tattoo Bar Code on Victim's Neck

Conchita Sarnoff | Posted July 25, 2012

Pimps brand their victims the way Nike brands its shoes. A 16 year-old girl identified as "Taz" in an op-ed was "branded" on her neck with a safety pin when she refused a tattoo.
Jim Downs


Who Invented Memorial Day?

Jim Downs | Posted July 25, 2012

As America recognizes the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War, we would do well to revisit the origins of Memorial Day among freedpeople in Charleston.
Ange-Marie Hancock


House Republicans Bury Their Heads in the Demographic Sand

Ange-Marie Hancock | Posted July 25, 2012

America is changing and we need to know how. By voting to cut off funding for the American Community Survey, the Republican majority in the Congress has sought to complement its current "do-nothing" approach with a "know-nothing" information base.
Sara Robinson


Capitalism Has Failed: 5 Bold Ways to Build a New World

Sara Robinson | Posted July 25, 2012

The old industrial-age systems -- state communism, fascism, free-market capitalism -- have all let us down hard, and growing numbers of us understand that going back there isn't an option.
Sarah Anderson


Top Democrats Push Obama on Capital Controls

Sarah Anderson | Posted July 25, 2012

Despite their proven effectiveness in many cases, these policy tools are prohibited by U.S. trade and investment policies. Particularly in the wake of the worst financial crisis in 80 years, it's an embarrassingly outmoded position.
Rep. Stacey Abrams


USA Inc.: Profit-Motive vs. People-Motive

Rep. Stacey Abrams | Posted July 25, 2012

As the firestorm dies down about Bain Capital, the core of the debate must remain. What ethic will guide our next president? Will he have a profit-motive or a people-motive?
Norma Cook Everist


Inclusive Exceptionalism

Norma Cook Everist | Posted July 25, 2012

President Obama may not share Mike Coffman's belief in American Exceptionalism, but that doesn't mean in his heart he's not an American.
Tim Roemer


America's Emerging Economic Reincarnation

Tim Roemer | Posted July 25, 2012

Four global forces, as they are leveraged and exploited by American business and political leaders, will help the United States recreate itself and revive into a 21st century economic powerhouse by 2025.
Wray Herbert


Red Mind, Blue Mind: Are There Really Any Independents?

Wray Herbert | Posted July 25, 2012

How do Independents manage to rise above party politics while the rest of the electorate is divided by ideology? Well, perhaps they don't. New evidence suggests that the label "Independent" may imply more objectivity and purity than these Independents deserve.
Aggie R. Hoffman


U.S. Supreme Court Says "No" To Immigrants Challenging Removal Proceedings

Aggie R. Hoffman | Posted July 25, 2012

The outcome in this case is also a lesson for intending immigrants: process the entire family at the same time. It is not unusual for some to break up the process for financial reasons, while others often do it because they rely on services of those who can fill out the various immigration forms, but do not understand the implications of the underlying law eliciting the questions on the various applications and visa petitions.
Lyle Denniston


Constitution Check: Must Gay Marriage Be a Fundamental Right in Order to Exist?

Lyle Denniston | Posted July 25, 2012

If a right gains "fundamental" status, it would, indeed, sweep all across the nation, nullifying every contrary law or court case. But the test poses a high hurdle for anyone seeking to establish a new right.
Zachary Ehren


Thirty Words to Honor a Fallen Veteran

Zachary Ehren | Posted July 25, 2012

When witnessing a veteran's funeral, a person will notice that every move is made with robotic precision. Nonetheless, every soldier that has the honor of performing this service can feel the humanity and the strong emotions that are tied to that task.
Elliott Negin


Knocking the Wind Out of U.S. Energy Options

Elliott Negin | Posted July 25, 2012

Renewables currently generate only about 5 percent of U.S. electricity, but by 2030 they have the potential to produce more than 40 percent, half coming from wind. And yet, unless Congress acts soon, the wind industry will have to trim its sails.
Nan Aron


Hey, Liberals, Stop Being So Mean to John Roberts!

Nan Aron | Posted July 25, 2012

It's ironic to listen to conservatives complain that all of a sudden it is illegitimate to criticize the Supreme Court when they've built a big chunk of their movement doing precisely that.
Tracy Van Slyke


Obama AWOL as 15.7 Million Homeowners Underwater

Tracy Van Slyke | Posted September 26, 2012

Put simply, Wall Street has more than recovered while the American people sink further and further away from economic security.
Gary Johnson


I Will End the War in Afghanistan and Bring Our Troops Home Now

Gary Johnson | Posted July 25, 2012

Obama claims we will be out of Afghanistan by 2014. Romney seems to think that is about right, depending on who's asking. Fortunately, there is a third way for America.
William K. Black


Romney Messes Up, Tells the Truth About Austerity

William K. Black | Posted July 25, 2012

Mitt Romney has periodic breakdowns when asked questions about the economy because he sometimes forgets the need to lie, as happened recently in an interview with Time magazine.
Dorian de Wind


Memorial Day 2012: Putting a Face to the Sacrifices of So Many

Dorian de Wind | Posted July 25, 2012

As we once again observe Memorial Day we remember and honor the more than one million American men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in all our wars, including more than 6,800 from our two most recent wars -- and counting.
Robert Reich


Romney's Regressivism

Robert Reich | Posted July 25, 2012

Fine to nail Romney with Bain capitalism. But let's not forget Romney's budget proposal, which mimics Paul Ryan's. Take a moment to make yourself aware of both, because they're eye-opening and scary.
Jared Bernstein


Private Equity Firms: What Are They Good For?

Jared Bernstein | Posted July 25, 2012

Private equity firms are not net job creators and they sure don't need the crazily huge distortionary tax break that they get.
Andy Ostroy


Romney: University Professors Don't Have Real Jobs

Andy Ostroy | Posted July 25, 2012

Really? Teaching Constitutional law was not a real job? Being a grade school or high school teacher or college professor doesn't make you part of the "free economy" workforce in Romney's convoluted elitist thinking?
Jeff Danziger


Religious Freedom

Jeff Danziger | Posted July 25, 2012

Ben Patton


This Memorial Day: Listen

Ben Patton | Posted July 25, 2012

Many of the men and women in uniform returning to civilian communities in the next few years will be largely isolated from those they once fought alongside, or other veterans who might understand. This, my father and grandfather would have easily understood.
Mark C. Russell, Ph.D., ABPP


Who Cares? Part I: Veterans Denied Access to Top PTSD Treatments

Mark C. Russell, Ph.D., ABPP | Posted July 25, 2012

There has never been an investigation, ceremonial firings, media outrage, or congressional hearings as to "why" the nation has failed again to meet the mental health needs of the warrior class.
Cesar Vargas


A Romney Administration Perilous For Latinos

Cesar Vargas | Posted July 25, 2012

While Latinos are already familiar with Mitt Romney's own position on immigration, the make up of his administration is not yet evident. However, with Kris Kobach shaping Mitt Romney's immigration policy, the verdict is clear that he or others like him will be top candidates at the helm of Romney's immigration policy and enforcement.
Liz Wallace


Why I Don't Want to Get Gay Married

Liz Wallace | Posted July 24, 2012

I still don't want to get gay married. Not right now, anyway, and the reasons why are a complicated brew. But I do believe gay and lesbian Americans should have the legal right to marry in every state, and that those state rights should be recognized by our federal government.
Jon-Christopher Bua


Obama v Romney - The Prize

Jon-Christopher Bua | Posted July 24, 2012

Although the Democrats and the Republicans have yet to hold their late summer conventions, the 2012 race for the presidency is clearly in full gear. We are now coming to the end of a brutalizing Republican Primary-Caucus season - beginning back in the freezing corn fields of Iowa.
Rev. Mel White


President Obama Says 'No' to Holy Terrorism

Rev. Mel White | Posted July 24, 2012

I celebrate the fact that for whatever personal and political reasons, our president's support for marriage equality reaffirms his belief that we are not a Christian nation, that in this democracy the Constitution trumps biblical law.
Terra Slavin


Why VAWA Must Include LGBT Survivors

Terra Slavin | Posted July 24, 2012

The L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center works every day with some of the most vulnerable LGBT survivors of domestic and sexual violence, survivors who will be put at risk by the changes made by the House of Representatives to the Senate bill reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act.