04/10/2015 05:40 pm ET | Updated Jun 10, 2015

7 Creative Ways to Divide a Room Without Using Doors


By: Mady Dahlstrom, Content Editor of


Separate any space in style with the help of built-in room dividers. Room dividing door alternatives bridge the gap from one room to another without entirely closing off a space. Whether you're in a small spaced studio apartment or want to section off your kitchen from your living room in your home, divide a room without using doors to combine the spaciousness of an open floor plan with a functional and divided design.

Take a look at these eight ways to use room dividers instead of doors!

1. Curving Corners

A floor-to-ceiling rounded wall room divider segments space in order to balance public and private living.

2. Clear Glass Wall

A see-through glass room divider allows the rooms to unfold, one into another.

3. Open Ceiling Bookshelf

Separate two rooms with a bookshelf divider that leaves room on top to connect ceilings, for a more open space.

4. Barrier By Bar

Define the dining room from the kitchen with a built-in bar or island.

5. Built-In Bookcase

Carve out a defined passageway with the help of a bookshelf that doubles as a room divider and storage space.

6. Subtle Kitchen Division

A partial room divider by storage unit makes the transition from cooking to lounging effortless.

7. TV Tower With Sliding Doors

Make a statement with your room divider by making it the main feature of a room. A central TV tower concealed with two sliding doors encloses one area from another.

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