06/03/2015 04:48 am ET | Updated Jun 04, 2016

The 8 Dirtiest Things in Your Life (and How to Clean Them)

No doubt you've read up on the seven dirtiest places in your house. But now it's time to turn your attention to the things you touch every day, like your smartphone, computer keyboard and/or yoga mat. And guess what? They're pretty gross. Here's how to get these items squeaky clean.

Harboring ten times more bacteria than the average toilet, your smartphone is a technological petri dish. How to clean it.


When these guys get dirty enough, they can even cause ear infections. And we know you're a nice person, but we recommend keeping these to your ears only. How to clean them.


Computer Keyboard and Mouse
Stop reading and look down at your keyboard. See any crumbs? Your computer keyboard and mouse can carry five times more bacteria than a toilet seat. How to clean them.


Yoga Mat
Don't think too hard about how dirty your yoga mat gets--hands, feet, dust, dirt, sweat. Gross. How to clean it.


Car Steering Wheel and Gear Shift
You wash the outside of your car regularly, but we bet you don't pay as much attention to the inside. How to clean them.


Bacteria is having a heyday on your damp toothbrush. Germs in your bathroom can stay airborne for at least a few hours. Shudder. How to clean it.


Reusable Shopping Bags
You're doing your part for the environment, but did you ever guess that these might be carrying more fecal matter than your underwear? And at least you wash them. How to clean them.


Our dollar bills, y'all, spread germs. How to clean them.


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