How Kids Use Technology vs. Public Schools

06/26/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

We all know it's a brave new world out there. At tech conferences, experts are talking about "total connectivity."

That's right, we'll be connected digitally 24-7.

Is that where we're going?

Kids seem to think so and in fact, some of them might already be living near total connectivity. And they're using technology in ways that adults can't even imagine.

Crenshaw High School teacher James Altuner was on KPCC's CyberFrequencies Radio this week and told us about students who are using cell phones to write papers!

And kids like 10-year-old Nico Young are creating Internet content that make adults gasps. Check out this video by Nico and tell us what you think.

It makes you wonder, if Nico is making videos like this at 10, what will he be doing at 18? And what affect will young content producers like Nico have on the already struggling entertainment industry?

And young musicians like Ryan Roberts make you wonder, "where goes MTV, VH1 and all the other music channels we grew up with?"

Instead of waiting for MTV to make him a "star," Ryan simply props his camera onto a tripod and makes his own music videos. Check out this Leonard Cohen cover Ryan made when he was 11-years-old.

See other Nico videos here. Other Ryan Roberts songs here.

More immediately, contrast where the kids are with technology with where many of the public schools are.

Many public schools still don't have reliable Internet. Teachers are super lucky if they have a few working computers in their classroom. Kids in lower socio-economic neighborhoods can't get consistent Internet connection at home.

When those kids step out of high school will they be prepared for the 21st century work force?

On this week's CyberFreuqencies radio, we speak with Adam Porsh of the Gates Foundation and James Altuner of Crenshaw High about that digital divide... between where the kids (and the world) are with technology and where many of our public schools are.

-Queena Kim and Tanya Jo Miller

***Check out this photo of Nico's keyboard skateboard -- that's right he stuck skateboard wheels on a keyboard and he's been riding it!