06/05/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

iPad Test

USC New Media Professor and author Andrew Lih shows us his new iPad in the movie below.

Andrew speculates that it could be a real coup for the magazine industry if tablet devices like the iPad do take over the personal computer.

It could change us from being active content producers on the web -- think YouTube -- to becoming more passive consumers of information, their information.

But Content Matter says iPad won't
save print
and people won't stop producing content.

After yesterday's iFail post a fight broke out in the comments section between the Mac defenders and detractors.

One of the more interesting points, which I hadn't considered, is that by not including a standard USB port where you can plug in, for example a mouse, you'll be forced to buy an Apple mouse.

The comment comes from "deepfreezevideo" who says that he'll wait for the competitors to introduce something with standard ports so he can use "off-the-shelf keyboards, mice, external displays and many other accessories."

But the question becomes who are the competitors? There's the JooJoo Tablet, yawn. I'm psyched about Light Blue Optics' invention of a projector that "instantly turns any flat surface into a touch screen." I doubt the technology is quite there yet with this product, but one day it could be very cool.

But for now we have the iPad. Take a tour below:

Tanya Jo Miller